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Migrating Miss was bornΒ from the dream of spreading the word about travel through living abroad (not to mention collating all those travel tips I’m called upon to share in super long emails and Facebook messages). In reality the site has become a source for living abroad advice, destination guides, travel tips and inspiration, blogging tips and my thoughts on living the life of a blogger. Whew.

Work with meMy background includes an upbringing in small town New Zealand, living abroad adventures in five other countries and travelling through many others. I’ve studied law, I’ve taught English, I’ve worked packing ice cream in a cold store and given education advice in a university. I’m interested in adventure sports and museum visits, in eating locally and hunting down the best coffee and cake in every place I go. Give me something new to try and I will.

So why should you work with me?

Migrating Miss is more than a place where readers can find what they should do on their next trip (although it covers that too!). It’s where readers can seek help and be inspired to travel and explore in ways they didn’t realise they’re capable of. Often articles are written from an expat perspective, which gives them more depth than the average traveller passing through. I like to dig deeper, and my own experience and the contacts I’ve made living all across the globe allows me to do that.

What does this mean for you?

It means you get access to a wide audience across the globe, the biggest group of which are 25-34 and largely female. Blogs have become a crucial element of the tourism industry, as people seek out credible and trustworthy information that comes from a relatable personal source. Migrating Miss can help you provide that, with over 28,000 page views in the last month and an ever growing social media presence.

How can we work together?

Migrating Miss is open to collaborations that enable your brand to reach readers in an authentic way, and match their values and this site. This could be in the form of:

Collaborative posts

Social media promotion

Social media takeover

Brand ambassadorship

Press & FAM trips


Affiliate marketing

Travel or Blog tutoring

You name it

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