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  • Most Beautiful Spanish Villages Andalucia Spain

    7 of the Most Beautiful Villages in Andalucía, Spain

    Naming Spain’s most beautiful villages is a daunting task, given the size of the country and all the amazing little places there are to see. Instead I’ve given myself the (still difficult) task of…

    March 23, 2017
  • Top Sites in Belgium

    6 Incredible Places You Have to See in Belgium

    I’ve learned so much about living and travelling in different countries through my Expat Interview series. Except many of the place are ones that I’ve been meaning to go to for so long, but it just…

    March 7, 2017
  • Moving to Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh: An Old Town with a New Beginning

    I’ve been living in Edinburgh for two weeks now, after spending most of the last year living in the south of Spain. It’s not a completely unfamiliar place for me to move to, I…

    March 4, 2017
  • Edinburgh Hidden Gems and Secret Spots

    9 Lesser Known Hidden Gems in Edinburgh

    There’s no doubt that Edinburgh is a popular destination for travellers and expats alike. I’m so excited to be living in Auld Reekie once again, and I can’t wait to get out and explore…

    February 22, 2017
  • Moving to Scotland Glen Coe

    So… I’m Moving to Scotland!

    Queen of standing awkwardly for photos I’m returning to the land of kilts, whisky, sometimes indecipherable accents and epic scenery! TOMORROW.  This may not come as a surprise if you know me (hi!) or…

    February 16, 2017
  • Living Abroad in Spain For a Year Moving to Spain

    An Ode to A Year in Spain

    I live in Spain.  The words still sound strange to my own ears, like what I’m saying doesn’t quite fit even though I’ve lived in Spain for over a year. At times I feel…

    February 12, 2017