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Algarve in Winter: Why You Should Go + Best Things to Do

It was by chance that I visited the Algarve in winter. You might not find the Algarve featured on many top places to visit in Europe in winter lists, but it deserves more credit, and I’m going to tell you why!

After a year of living in Spain, I was supposed to be moving back to Scotland. But a visa delay meant that I found myself on a road trip along the Algarve and up to Lisbon and Porto.

And thankfully, it turned out to be an awesome detour before I finally made the move! 

Check out 10 reasons to go, where to go, and what to expect. 

Praia Lagos Algarve in winter

Why visit the Algarve in winter

Good weather

While some places are definitely worth visiting in winter for the cold and snow (Iceland for example!), the Algarve is a destination that allows you some respite from it.

The overall warm and temperate climate in Portugal means you’ll find it a pleasant escape from winter’s cold grasp.

The temperatures rarely dip below freezing, and you can expect daytime temps to hover around the 16 degrees C range. If you’re brave enough, you can even swim!

Lagos harbour sunrise in winter

Cheaper accommodation

One of the biggest perks to a winter getaway to the Algarve is the lower price of accommodation compared to the high season. Winter is the time if you’ve always dreamed of a luxury escape!

Many high-end hotels and resorts offer huge deals of up to 50% off in the winter months. We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment that covered the entire top floor of a hotel and had a huge rooftop balcony for €40 a night!

Fewer people

Travelling to the Algarve in the summer can feel more like travelling in a school of sardines than an actual escape.

If you visit in Algarve in winter, you’ll be treated to empty beaches, no queues, and a local vibe.

It’s an excellent opportunity to actually relax and soak in the beautiful surroundings without so many people.

We were able to get a table at a popular restaurant for lunch overlooking Carvoeiro beach, which I’m sure would have been almost impossible to do in summer!

Algarve Portugal Albufeira beach

Water sports

Although most people won’t opt for a dip at this time of year, there are still plenty of options for water sports in the Algarve during the winter.

Many of the towns offer boat tours for dolphin watching, like spotting wildlife from Europe’s biggest rigid, inflatable boat in Lagos.

You can also take a romantic sunset boat tour to the famous grottos of Ponta da Piedade.

Consider packing a jacket and hat for any boat ride to stay warm, especially for sunset.

Temperatures begin to warm up in late winter (think March), and some swimming options are available. Stand-up paddleboarding is also a year-round sport, best enjoyed when the waters are calm.

The only concern with winter water sports and boat trips in the Algarve is that sometimes trips get cancelled due to weather, so be sure to check ahead of time.

Algarve Portugal Carvoeiro boats on beach in winter

Carnivals in February

Every year, the Christian calendar gears up for a big celebration between February and March.

The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, known as Shrove Tuesday, is filled with celebration. Many towns and cities host lively parades, live music, floats, and parties.

Many of the festivities start the weekend before and pour into the week leading up to Tuesday. It’s one of the best events of the year!


No one likes to fight for waves while you surf, and in Algarve in winter, you won’t have to.

Typically the winter months bring better waves that are well-suited for beginners and pros alike. Don’t forget to pack your wetsuit (or rent one) and hit the surf at Costa Vicentina.

Lagos Algarve Portugal Sagres in winter


Although it may be a little chilly to take a dip in the middle of January, it’s still perfectly possible to swim in Algarve year-round.

If you have a wetsuit, it’s advised during the colder winter days, although we saw people swimming in just their bathing suits! T

owards the end of the winter, the daily highs rise, making it a more ideal time to take a dip.

Still find epic coastal cliff views

It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit the Algarve, you can still find epic coastal cliff views. The difference is that you won’t be contending with endless crowds in the winter.

The 3km walk from Praia de Arrifes to Praia do Castelo near Albufeira and the 3.6 km walk from Praia de Marinha to Praia de Benagil in Lagos are not to be missed!

Cliffs in the Algarve in winter

Bike trip

One of the most exciting activities to do in the Algarve is road biking. You can opt to rent a bike for the day and travel along scenic coastal roads or go on a multi-day bike tour from city to city.

In the summer, the heat is oppressive, making it difficult to want to pedal under the beating sun. But during the winter, the milder temperatures are perfect for road biking.

There are several different tours or itineraries you can follow or plan your own adventure.

High season for golf

September/October and February/March is the best time to play golf at the world-class golf courses in the Algarve. You can even score discounts on tee times for certain courses.

Algarve at Christmas

If you’re looking to celebrate Christmas on the beach but don’t want the hubbub of a commercial Christmas, then the Algarve is the place for you.

Christmas celebrations tend to be quieter and more relaxed than their northern European counterparts. Most of the celebrations are on the 24th when families gather for a late-night meal of bacalhau and bolo rei (king cake), often before a midnight mass. 

Church in Lagos, Algarve in winter

Where to go in the Algarve in winter

There is a lot to see and do on a winter trip to the. Plan on basing yourself in one of the larger towns, where more amenities are open year-round, and exploring the different areas throughout your holiday from there.


Faro is the major airport for the Algarve. Many people use it simply as a transit city, although if you are into older architecture, it’s worth visiting the Faro Cathedral and the Cidade Velha or old town.

The Praia de Faro makes for a lovely walk along the coast.

Gateway to cobblestone street Faro in winter


As the second-largest city in Algarve, Portimao is an excellent destination for winter travel. The city is known for its delicious fish, so come hungry!

Praia da Rocha is one of the most well-known beaches in Europe, and you’ll practically have the place to yourself over winter.

The Alvor is the quieter alternative to Rocha. There’s plenty to do in Portimao as it’s larger, so it’s a more bustling area to visit during winter.


This small local village is definitely worth a stop, even if it’s just a day trip. When I think of the Algarve, it’s the first place in my mind!

Most of the activities are closed in Carvoeiro in the winter months, but you can still enjoy the challenging Sete Vales Suspensos hike, boat trips to the Benagil Cave, and visit the beautiful beaches of Praia de Carvoeiro and Praia da Marinha.

Carvoeiro Beach Portugal


Packed in the summer but much quieter in the winter!

For a quaint experience, wander the streets of the old town and marvel at the charming buildings and art.

Many of the restaurants and bars are closed during this time of year, but there are still plenty of beautiful coastlines to explore, and places frequented by locals are open.

You can take a scenic tuk-tuk ride to experience the coast.


Lagos is another Algarve city still active during the winter months.

Boat tours to look for dolphins depart from here, and there’s also the stunning Ponta da Piedade and Praia do Camilo.

The old town of Lagos is also well worth taking a stroll through, as the architecture is beautiful. 

Standing on a rock on beach in Lagos in winter


Sagres boasts the warmest weather in Algarve during the winter and is the home of some of the best surfing waves in the Algarve. If you don’t mind the cold water, zip up your wetsuit and catch some waves.

The high cliffs are Sagres are also home to an old Fortress which is protected by one wall and the towering cliffs beyond.

We watched in awe as fishermen stood right on the edges of the cliffs, over the fences, bringing up fish from far below!

Sagres Fisherman on cliff Algarve Portugal

Where to stay in the Algarve in winter

Winter is the low season in Algarve, so expect the smaller villages and towns to be quite quiet.

Although they might be worth a stroll during the day, staying in the larger cities and towns is more advisable, since more facilities will be open and available.

The major town of Lagos, along with Albufeira and Portimão, are all viable options for places to stay in Algarve for winter.

Don’t let that deter you from seeking out other options if you’re after the quiet, however!

Trees and apartments in Lagos

What to pack

Given that winter weather in the Algarve is much warmer than in many other places in Europe, you don’t need to worry about too many heavy winter clothes. The key is to bring layers!

Bring sturdy footwear for walking around the cliffs especially, and so that you can walk on the beach with shoes on if you want to. I actually wore boots on the beach sometimes when it was colder!

I layered up with a thick winter coat when it was colder and 2 layers underneath, like a sweater/cardigan and t-shirt and found that enough.

I didn’t really wear a hat or gloves much, although walking along the cliffs can be chilly!

Standing overlooking Carvoerio beach Portugal

The Algarve is a wonderful destination to visit in winter.

Yes, you might miss out on endless days of sunbathing and swimming at the beautiful beaches between dramatic cliffs. But you will get to wander along and enjoy those same beaches with only a handful of other people!

If you’re after busy nightlife and lots of restaurants to try, then summer may be a better option, but you’ll still find plenty of places to eat during this time of year or consider a self-catered apartment too, given that it’s so much more affordable.

I absolutely loved our winter stay in the Algarve, and hope you plan one too!

Sonja x

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Algarve in winter - Why Visit, Where to Go, What to Do

6 thoughts on “Algarve in Winter: Why You Should Go + Best Things to Do

  1. Sherry Trautman says:

    I never even heard of the Algarve before your post! Renting a bike for the day to see the scenic coastal roads sounds perfect! Carvoeiro looks gorgeous! OH, and wandering a less crowded beach sounds wonderful!


  2. Jim Turner says:

    I am thinking of wintering in Portugal but dont know where to go and find accommodation for 3 months? Do they have golf courses in Portugal during the winter months looking at the month of January to early April?

    • Sonja - Migrating Miss says:

      I would look for long term lets possible in Facebook Groups or on Airbnb. Unfortunately I’m not sure about the gold courses sorry. You’ll need to look at ones individually close to where you’ll be going as they will all likely be different.

    • Pamela Chaney says:

      Villamour is full of golf courses but a man made town so not alot open shop wise ut you get lovely fish restaurants however you could stay in a cheaper area and get an uber to the golf courses

  3. Gina says:

    I’m going to the Algarve asap. I am very excited. I’ve heard a lot about it and it’s exactly the type of place I enjoy. Ancient sites, water sports, land sports, village festivals. Perfect! 🙂

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