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20 Best Greek Islands for Families

There are 6000 islands in Greece, 227 of which are inhabited, so choosing the best Greek Islands for families is no easy task!

We’ve been to several, and especially loved our most recent trip to Rhodes, so I decided to ask my fellow travel bloggers to share their favourite Greek Islands to visit with kids.

There are traditionally seven Greek Island groups, many of which have main islands with an international airport, or that are reachable by ferry from various points.

Once you’re in an island group, there are usually ferries between the different islands. We like to try and visit more than one spot if we can, but we also know travelling with kids means sometimes it’s easier to book one place and stay put.

So here are the best Greek Islands for families, with tips on what to do, where to stay, and how to get there.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Baby on hotel balcony looking out at sea


Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and is known for the historic Rhodes Old Town, ancient ruins, and plenty of beach resorts. We stayed in the smaller resort of Pefkos, just down the coast from the more popular Lindos. It was our first ever package holiday experience as a family and we absolutely loved it! We opted to hire a car for the drive from the airport and to allow us to explore the island further.

Pefkos Beach itself is ideal for families, with its soft sand and shallow waters. We’d also recommend checking out Tsambika Beach and Agios Pavlos Beach too. Nearby Lindos is home to the famous Acropolis, as well as lots of shopping and options for eating out.

For something a bit different, head up to the mountain village of Asklepios with its traditional tavernas and castle ruins. Other family-friendly attractions include the Valley of the Butterflies, Monolithos Castle, Kallithea Springs, and of course, Faliraki Waterpark. It’s also easy to take day trips to Symi or Chalki islands.

We recommend staying in the apartments at Pefki Island Resort. We had a beautiful sea view and were right across from the beach. Our package included breakfast and we loved trying to different places to eat in the town and around the island the rest of the time. Everyone was so friendly, especially to our little boy!

Best Greek Islands for Families - Mum and Baby swimming at beach in Greece


Naxos is such a great place to visit with kids. It’s large enough to offer all sorts of activities and experiences but also compact so that nothing is too far away.

Naxos town is one of the most beautiful in the islands but without all the steps of somewhere like Santorini!

It’s also quieter, and much of the accommodation is family-run rather than being part of packages. The beaches are family-friendly, with water sports available for older kids (and adults!) and shallow water stretching far out to allow easy water play for smaller ones.

The 2500-year-old marble ruin of Apollo’s door provides a beautiful spot to watch the sunset and appreciate ancient ruins, and there are lots of hiking trails for the more adventurous.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Apollos Door at Naxos


Recommended by Raluca from Travel With A Spin

Thasos is the northernmost and probably greenest Greek island. It’s also called Emerald Island. Although not very popular outside South-Eastern European countries, Thasos has a lot to offer. Besides it’s close to the mainland and can easily be reached by ferry from both Kavala and Keramoti.

Thassos has a variety of beaches, from isolated to rocky and sandy ones. The best one for families is Golden Beach, a 4km long white sand beach with shallow waters, ideal for children to swim. Unusual Saliara beach beach shouldn’t be missed either. Made out of small marble pieces from the nearby excavation, it’s fascinating to watch and offers the best snorkeling opportunities on the island.

Smaller children will enjoy a day at the donkey farm in Skala Potamia. The owners will introduce them to the animals and let them feed, groom and pet them.

Older children have the opportunity to learn history in an entertaining and fun manner. In the island’s capital city, Limenas, there’s an old preserved amphitheater with breathtaking views. In the south of the island, there’s the ancient marble query of Aliki. It can be interesting for children and parents alike to learn how marble was obtained more than 1000 years ago.

When visiting with kids, one has to choose the accommodation carefully. The resort with the best facilities for children is Makryammos, where they get their own club, a mini zoo, special pool and playground.

If your children are older, a better option would be Pegasus Riding Center, offering riding lessons and group hikings on Mount Ipsario for all levels. The only disadvantage would be that it’s farther from the beaches, but in an old traditional village.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Beach at Thassos


Mykonos may have a reputation as a party island, but it also has another side to it that’s perfect for families. It’s beautiful beaches and white-washed towns provide plenty to do for families, and there are lots of villas that provide family-friendly accommodation.

Platys Gialos and Ornos are good beaches for families, with calm waters and water activities, and we’d recommend staying close to Platys Gialos too. Don’t forget to visit the windmills and watch out for the pelicans in the Old Town though!

You don’t need a lot of time on Mykonos, but a few days as part of a bigger trip to Greece is still recommended. Wander the towns, eat lots of delicious Greek food, and relax at the beaches.

Mykonos does have an airport, or you can take a ferry from Athens but it’s a long journey with children!

Best Greek Islands for Families - Mum and Baby in Greek Islands


By Whitney of Designs for Travel

One of the most family-friendly islands in Greece is Hydra, as seen in this Perfect Greece Itinerary (7-14 days). This authentic Greek island is conveniently located just off of the Peloponnese Region and is an ideal island to visit with kids. There are beautiful sea views everywhere and the beaches are of course, wonderful to lounge at and to swim. Kids will enjoy the calm and warm water.

You will feel like you stepped back in time with donkeys used for transportation, rather than cars. You can also take a boat from the harbour to one of the beaches or tavernas.

The island is full of wonderful rustic cafes serving fresh traditional Greek food made with local ingredients. The island has a laid-back vibe and it feels like no one is in a hurry. As with many parts of Greece, there are cats everywhere. Younger kids may appreciate counting the cats they see in a day!

To get to the island of Hydra, take the ferry from the Ermioni port in the Peloponnese, or from the Piraeus port near Athens. Stay at the Cotommatae 1810 Boutique HotelIn, which is conveniently located in the main town (no stair climbing with hot and tired kids necessary!) This hotel has family suites that can sleep up to 5.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Hydra Harbour


Santorini is one of the most romantic Greek Islands, with stunning views and whitewashed towns perched on top of and cascading down the hills. However, it’s not particularly known as a family place to visit. While there are some challenges to visiting with kids (stairs!) it’s definitely doable and worth it.

The historic volcanic activity has shaped this island and left behind the beautiful scenery. With red and black sand beaches to explore and lots of rugged coastlines strewn with villages.

We’d recommend taking a baby carrier or backpack for a toddler, and planning days so that there’s not too much walking for younger children. You can balance visiting some of the hilly villages (Fira and Oia) with trips to the beach and resting at mealtimes.

We stayed in an apartment just 10 minutes walk back from the main part of town in Fira, which meant we had a kitchen, a swimming pool, and plenty of space for children, unlike some of the clifftop hotels in the centre of town.

Santorini airport is accessible from lots of places in Europe, or from Athens itself. If you want to take a ferry from Athens it’s 5 hours on the high speed (less comfortable) ferry or 8 hours on the slow ferry which has more room to move around.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Views from Caldera at Santorini


By Ucman from Brown Boy Travels

Greece is full of islands and the most beautiful of them are the Cyclades. While some of them like Santorini and Mykonos are world-famous, the smaller islands retained their charm. Iraklia is a perfect example of this.
This beautiful small island has a population of hundreds and it is part of the lesser Cyclades series of islands.

Despite this, it has the deepest caves in the entire Cyclades and tons of beautiful beaches and smaller islets which make it perfect for a fun-filled holiday for families be it lounging on a beach, gorging on fresh Greek food or getting a bit of adrenaline rush exploring the caves.

The Chora or main town of Iraklia is called Pangea and getting here is quite easy on a ferry from Athens.

Iraklia provides the Greek feeling you can only get on these islands with the whitewashed small houses, their deep blue doors opening in the flower-laden streets with a whiff of Mediterranean breeze in the summer evenings. The food here is delicious and authentic and the choice of drinks match the weather. The best part is how cheap it is compared to other islands and how friendly the locals are.

Livadi and Tsigouri beaches are the most beautiful beaches here but you are never far from a gorgeous beach here anywhere. To make it more interesting you can explore some beaches and small islets like Venetiko and Schoinousa on boat trips.

It would be a grave injustice to not mention the famous Greek summer sunsets. It is a beautiful feeling to watch the sky change a thousand colours surrounded by your loved ones followed by a dinner together with a sense of relief that puts everyone’s mind at ease.

Iraklia is a beautiful island and a perfect choice for a family holiday trip, one that will be remembered for a long time.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Beach in Iraklia


By Elena from Travel Greece Travel Europe

The astonishing island of Lefkada, renowned for its magnificent coastline, its white sandy beaches with turquoise waters and Venetian aristocratic architecture, is found in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece.

The island is connected to the mainland of Greece with a floating bridge, hence visitors can reach Lefkada by car, or alternatively, there is the Aktion National Airport located at a 25-minute drive.

The island is an ideal destination for families as the island offers an abundance of things to do from theater plays and music festivals to a wide range of sports.

Head with your family to one of the many beautiful organized and affordable beaches on the island, where you can relax on the sunbeds while the kids have their own fun. Horseback riding is another very popular experience in Lefkada, which is worth having if you want to feel close to nature and discover the most hidden gems of the island. Explore a castle of the 10th century in Vonitsa and Paleros villages.

The island offers lots of accommodation options, as well as all-inclusive ones, that are ideal for families. Highly recommended is the Crystal Waters hotel, located in Nikiana, next to the beach.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Beach in Lefkada


Chrysoula from Greece Travel Ideas

Paros, one of the most beautiful Greek islands is an ideal destination for a great family holiday. It is small enough to explore easily and has all the charm of the Cycladic islands! A warm welcome awaits you as the islanders love children!

The capital is Parikia which is an ideal place to stay, with a good beach, a pretty waterfront, twisting alleyways to explore, and really good tavernas.

Paros has 35 beautiful beaches – mainly in the south of the island. Many of them are secluded and all have calm waves which are perfect for families. If you enjoy water sports, Golden Beach, south of Piso Livadi is one of the best with kite surfing, windsurfing, and sailing. There are beaches with diving opportunities too.

There is plenty to do including exploring pretty villages like Naousa with its white-washed buildings dripping in pretty bougainvillea.

Butterfly Valley – Petaloudes- is 5 km south of Parikia near the monastery of Jesus of Wood. In the summer, it is filled with thousands of Jersey Tiger Moths.

There is also the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip to the islands of Antiparos, Naxos, and Koufonisia. The trip to Antiparos takes just ten minutes which is ideal for young children.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Harbour in Paros


By Dean and Laynni at Routinely Nomadic

Sifnos often gets overshadowed by its more popular neighbours, Milos and Santorini, but it is a terrific place to get off the beaten path. Small enough to explore in a day, but big enough to provide plenty of open space, beautiful Sifnos is an ideal destination for families interested in outdoor activities.

The port town of Kamares is in a pleasant, sheltered cove with several good seafood restaurants with terraces overlooking the bay. Sifnos’ main claim to fame, however, is its wonderful network of 19 outstanding, well-marked hiking trails. The hike to Agios Andreas, an ancient Mycenaean citadel located on the highest point of the island, should definitely be at the top of the list.

The other must-see attraction on Sifnos is the classic maze of narrow whitewashed alleys in Kastro, where you can explore to your heart’s content and enjoy the stunning views out over the spectacularly located Church of the Seven Martyrs.

Platos Yialos is the nicest beach on the island, with warm, shallow water and a place to rent canoes and kayaks right on the beach. Pension Moschoula is located right on the beach and has well-equipped suites perfect for families.

Sifnos is part of the Cyclades chain of islands and is located on the Milos ferry route.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Church and sea with sailboat in Sifnos


By Alice from Adventures of Alice

There are some wonderful family-friendly Greek islands out there but Kos is one of my all-time favourites. When it comes to family-friendly activities on Kos, there are plenty of options.

Greece is known for having some of the best beaches in Europe and Kos does not disappoint! There is a handful of sandy, family beaches, such as the well-known Paradise Beach where the shallow slope into the sea makes it perfect for smaller kids to splash around. Kos also had two wonderful waterparks.

and Kos does not disappoint! There is a handful of sandy, family beaches, such as the well-known Paradise Beach where the shallow slope into the sea makes it perfect for smaller kids to splash around. Kos also had two wonderful waterparks.

For history lovers, you have the fabulous ruins of The Asklepion, the archaeological museum (which is probably better suited to older children), and the fantastic Castle of the Knights.

Then, if you want to travel a bit off-shore, boat tours are an ever-popular option with frequent cruises departing Kos for the surrounding volcanic island of Nisyros or slightly further afield to the peaceful Kalymnos.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, because of Kos’s location in the Aegean Sea, you can also take a boat trip to Bodrum in Turkey. Don’t forget your passport for this one!

There are plenty of direct flights from London to Kos throughout the year, so it’s easy to get to and doesn’t usually require a connection or a ferry.

There are, of course, some indirect flights that pass through the historic capital, but, if you plan it correctly, this could actually work in your favour if you decide to add a few days in Athens to your itinerary as well.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Sea view in Kos


By Lotte from Eschbach Consulting

You’ve probably never heard of Agistri, an island just of the coast of Athens. However, this tiny speck in the ocean is a wonderful family getaway and the perfect place to unwind after spending a couple of days in busy Athens.

Hop on the fast ferry at Piraeus Port and you’ll be arriving at the small town Megalochori on Agistri in just one hour. You can either base yourself here or in the equally small town of Skala, which is located about 1.5km from Megalochori.

When you opt to stay in Skala, Skala Hotel is a great option, with spacious rooms and a large swimming pool. Regarding the best time to visit, Spring and Fall are usually a good choice. Temperatures are comfortable and there are no crowds.

While Agistri may be small, there are several fun things to do with your kid(s):

  • An activity that is suitable for families with children of all ages (even very small ones) is visiting t one of the beautiful beaches. You can go for a swim in the ocean or enjoy building sand castles with your little ones. Dragonera Beach is one of the nicest beaches on Agistri, you can even walk here with a stroller from Megalochori (30 minutes) or Skala (50 minutes).
  • If your kids are a little bit older, you can go kayaking. There are several your companies in Skala and Megalochori who offer excursions. This is definitely a great activity for families who love to be active on their holiday.
  • Another excellent activity is to rent bicycles and make your way to Limenaria, a tiny town at the Southeast of the island. It’s not too far though again, your kids have to be up for a bit of exercise.

Altogether Agistri is a lovely island to spend some time as a family!

Best Greek Islands for Families - Sea view in Agistiri


By Dymphe from Dymabroad

One of the most family-friendly Greek islands is Corfu. Corfu or Kerkyra is also one of the most beautiful places in Greece, and it is located in the Ionian Sea.

Corfu is great to visit as a family as there are lots of great things to do for children. There are kid-friendly hotels, great water activities, beautiful beaches, several waterparks, and many more things.

One of the best activities you should definitely do as a family when you are in Corfu is going to the Aqualand water park. This is one of the best waterparks in Europe and the attractions are very fun! There are 11 pools and more than 50 slides!

Another great activity to do with children is going to the beaches of Paleokastritsa. The beaches are beautiful and there are a lot of facilities, which is very convenient.

Furthermore, you should not miss out on taking a ferry to another island. It is great for kids to arrive at another island and experience being on a boat on the sea. Great islands nearby are Paxi, Lefkada, and Kefalonia.

A great place to stay with kids in Corfu is Mediterranean Blue. They have rooms, studios, and family apartments next to the sea. Furthermore, this place has a pool and a special pool for children.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Beach in Corfu


By Katie from You Me Under the Palm Tree

Kefalonia is an incredible destination for a family getaway. Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian islands. It is filled with beautiful beaches perfect for a relaxing family getaway.

If you are looking for a more active getaway as a family, Kefalonia is the perfect walking holiday. There are many wild footpaths that allow you to discover so many elements of the island. Try the footpath in Assos to the incredible Venetian castle ruins for a few hours of exploration. Head to the largest mountain in the Ionian island, Mount Ainos, and hike up to the top for stunning views.

There are many attractions on this island that are perfect for families. A trip to Melissani Lake and Drogarati Cave in Karavomylos is a must! Melissani Lake is a stunning lake situated deep in a cave with a opening at the top. At the right time of day, the sun floods in through the opening and illuminates the water to a bright turquoise!

The Drogarati caves are also an incredible sight. These caves were discovered after an earthquake revealed an opening, this geological masterpiece must be seen to be believed!

It is so easy to reach this destination, Kefalonia has its own airport, so you can fly directly to Kefalonia. It is important to know that there is no public transport from the Airport. For you and your family we would recommend hiring a car to explore the island, do this straight from the Airport!

Best Greek Islands for Families - View in Kefalonia


By Tiffany from A Girl and Her Passport

Milos is a small but stunning Greek Island in the Cyclades. Its size is one of the appealing things to families as it is easy to get around by car with plenty of things to do.

The island is reachable by ferry or airplane. You can catch the ferry from the city of Piraeus, which is the port of Athens. You can also get to Milos from other islands such as Santorini or Naxos. To fly, you will have to catch a flight from Athens.

Many beaches have some unique formations, and some are only reachable by boat. Taking a day cruise on a catamaran or sailboat would be a fun activity for families. These day sails usually leave in the morning, sail to the beach for swimming and lunch and sail back.

Another great activity for kids is to visit the Sand Museum in Milos. It is located in the picturesque village of Plaka. It tells the story of sand around the world with a focus on Milos, which has lots of types of sand due to the volcanic activity that formed the island.

Because the island is small, another thing to do is to visit all the beaches. They are each different, and most are easy to get to.

A great option for a place to stay in Milos is Santa Maria Village. The hotel is not far from the main port and features a pool and a restaurant. This way, you have the option to hang out for the day if you want. The location also offers a stunning view of the Milos’ sunset.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Rock formations in Milos


By Claire from Stoked to Travel

Lemnos, tucked away in the North Aegean Sea, is a lesser known Greek island, largely untouched by mass tourism, yet due to its wonderful landscape and fantastic hotels, it is one of the best places in Greece for a family holiday.

If you visit in the high season (June to September), you’ll find there are several direct weekly flights from the UK, but otherwise, if you visit from other locations or during the off peak season, you’ll need to fly through Athens.

Lemnos is quiet and unspoilt, meaning traffic is minimal so its magnificent terrain is excellent for cycling, mountain biking, walking and exploring. The beautiful surrounding sea is renowned for its ideal conditions for waterskiing and wakeboarding in the early morning, and sailing and windsurfing in the afternoons.

Myrina is a charming waterside town, and the capital of the island. Its quaint streets are lined with white washed buildings, old churches, shady trees and quiet gardens. There are plenty of excellent seafood restaurants at the water’s edge, all very reasonably priced.

One of the best places to stay is the Lemnos Beach Resort. You can either book this independently, or as a Mark Warner activity holiday, so it includes your half board accommodation, watersports, tennis, cycling etc, as well as inclusive childcare!

Best Greek Islands for Families - Boat sailing in Lemnos


By Ellie from Ellie’s Travel Tips

From pristine beaches to historic ruins, there are plenty of fun and educational reasons to visit Crete as a family!

As the biggest island in Greece (almost 3,000 square miles), Crete offers a remarkable coastal landscape and beautiful mountains, valleys, and hills further inland. There is truly something for everyone on the island of Crete, making it a perfect Greek island for families.

Whether visiting on a holiday break or during an all-inclusive cruise, the major draw to this kid-friendly island is its rich history. A great starting point with the kids is the Knossos Palace ruins, one of the top historical sites in Greece offering a glimpse into Crete’s past.

Afterward, head over to the CretAquarium to discover some of Crete’s local marine wildlife, including jellyfish, sharks, and other sea animals. Finally, check out the Elafonisi Lagoon— a beautiful beach boasting soft pink sand and calm shallow waters perfect for the little ones.

The quickest and easiest way to get to Crete is by flight. If you are starting in Athens, catch a domestic flight to either Heraklion or Chania airport on Crete island. Alternatively, taking a ferry to Crete from Athens may offer a more relaxing and scenic option.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Boat sailing in Crete


By Maria & Katerina of It’s All Trip To Me

With remarkably authentic vibes, an irresistibly laid-back ambience and rare natural charms, Andros is one of the best Greek Islands for families travelling with kids. Unlike nearby Mykonos and other party-oriented islands in the Cyclades, Andros is ideal for families who enjoy outdoor activities, local cuisines and spending time on the beach.

Andros Island is just a 2-hour ferry ride from Rafina Port near Athens. Since the island is quite big and has no shortage of scenic routes and picturesque villages scattered across mountains and coasts, it’s worth renting a car to take in its charms at your own pace.

Having fun under the sun on the island’s gorgeous beaches is one of the best things to do in Andros when travelling as a family. Moreover, families visiting Andros can enjoy an easy hike or two in a natural setting of unique beauty, amidst waterfalls, valleys and quaint villages. Last but not least, a visit to the Cyclades Olive Museum is an exciting trip to the island’s past that fascinates adults and children alike.

The best place to stay in Andros for families is Agios Petros Beach, as the area is dotted with self-catered apartments built along one of the island’s dreamiest sandy beaches.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Ruins in Andros


By Paulina from Paulina on the Road

Antiparos is a great island for families and kids. It’s because the island is surrounded by landscapes, nature blossoms, and beautiful colors everywhere. There is so much to explore and a lot of adventure.

That’s the reason why Antiparos is an amazing island for families and kids. Since Antiparos does not have an Airport, the best way to reach there is by taking a seven-minute ferry ride from Paros.

If you are visiting the island with your family and kids, there are some fun things you can enjoy. The alleys in Chora brings piece for parents and adventure for kids. You can wander the Kastro, which is an old fortress in the heart of the village.

Another thing that families with kids would love on the island is moving around the fantastic beaches. Many beaches in Antiparos are safe and shallow, perfect for the kids. You will also enjoy the Cave of Antiparos, which is located in the center of the island. The cave offers bizarre views and breath-taking landscapes.

You can either stay in one of the luxury hotels in Paros or make a stay at Karous Village in Antiparos to explore all the sites easily.

Best Greek Islands for Families - Street in Antiparos


By Rai from A Rai of Light

The island of Zakynthos, renowned for its pretty landscapes, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters, lies in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of the mainland.

It is easily reached by direct flight from Athens or by ferry from the port of Killini in Peloponnese.

Top sights include Solomos Square, the Venetian Castle, and the Port of Zakynthos.

The island is also blessed with good weather and beach hopping is a popular activity with kids. Beaches worth visiting, found on the western coast, include Psarou, Tsilivi, and those in Alikanas. Kalamaki beach is popular with children due to its warm shallow waters, the variety of water activities, and as a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles.

A fun activity is to spend a day at the waterpark, with the best ones being Water Village and Tsilivi Waterpark. Once the kids get tired of being in the water, the Askos Stone Park in Volimes offers the opportunity to interact with deer and other small animals that are free to roam this wildlife park.

This beautiful island paradise is so much more than a party destination!

Stay away from Laganas strip and Argassi and find an island with family-friendly resorts and some of the best beaches around. Zakynthos offers an exemplary holiday spot and is well worth taking the time to get to.

Zakynthos - Greece

Greece has such a fun and family-friendly atmosphere, and we can’t wait to explore more islands together!

Sonja x

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