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15 Best Day Hikes in the South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand’s South Island is one of the most stunning places on earth. It boasts impressive mountain peaks, picturesque waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and diverse forests. Perfect for hiking!

By far the most popular way to explore is on a road trip, and stopping to do hikes in the South Island should definitely be on your itinerary

A car or van just won’t get you to the best and most beautiful spots. Instead, you will need to venture out on foot and explore New Zealand’s rugged terrain.

Hiking New Zealand’s South Island is definitely the way to get the best views, and you don’t even need to do a multi-day hike, a day walk in the South Island will do!

There are so many beautiful day hikes in New Zealand, but some of the best are definitely in the south. 

From harder trails that involve a little courage to easier ones and short walks suited to all fitness levels, there’s a South Island day walk for almost everyone.

Below are the best day hikes on New Zealand’s South Island, handpicked by me after almost one year of exploring this breathtaking place!

Hooker Valley Track (Mount Cook National Park)

Distance: 10km return, 3 hours return

Difficulty: Easy

The Hooker Valley is easily one of New Zealand’s most popular day walks. Not only are you treated to stunningly beautiful views but the trail is also very well-maintained and mostly flat.

The trail length is 10km return and ends at the Hooker Lake in Mount Cook National Park.

What’s so special about this trail is that at the above the glacier at the end of the lake you’ll be able to see Mount Cook (New Zealand’s tallest mountain.)

You’ll often spot icebergs floating in the lake that have broken off the glacier.

Make sure you add some extra time to this South Island hike so that you can venture down to the lakeside and take some photos of these epic views! 

Hooker Valley - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Lake Marian Track (Fiordland National Park)

Distance: 2.4km return, 20 minutes return to the falls and 3 hours return to the lake

Difficulty: Advanced

The Lake Marian Track is a short 3-hour walk in Fiordland National Park.

The trail is a great stop on your way to Milford Sound and is one of the most picturesque in the national park. But it’s also one of the more advanced South Island day hikes on this list. 

The trial involves a 2-hour climb through the forest before you reach the stunning Lake Marian with the Southern Alps as a backdrop.

It’s a great place for a swim, that is if you can brave the cold glacier-fed lake!

Lake Marian - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Ben Lomond Track (Queenstown)

Distance: 3-4 hours to Ben Lomond Saddle, 6-8 hours to Ben Lomond Summit

Difficulty: Intermediate (more challenging towards the summit)

The Ben Lomond trail is another popular South Island trail and one of the best day walks near Queenstown.

This trail actually starts in the heart of Queenstown and ends at the summit of Ben Lomond Mountain.

If you do go to the summit expect an 8 hour day, however, the great thing about this day walk is that you can cut it short and still get amazing views. In fact, the saddle is only a few hours return but has very similar views to the summit.

Ben Lomond - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Hike to Luxmore Hut on Kepler Track (Fiordland National Park)

Distance: 28km return, 8-10 hours return

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Kepler Track is one of New Zealand’s Great Walks and the full track takes around 3 days to complete. However, if your time is short, you can do part of it in a day.

Although it is a long one so you’ll want to start early and have some experience, it’s one of the best day hikes in Fiordland National Park.

Spend the day walking to the most beautiful spot along the trail – the Luxmore Hut. At the hut, you get stunning views of Lake Te Anau. You’ll also likely see a few Kea’s (New Zealand’s friendly Alpine parrot.) 

Kea in South Island New Zealand

Moke Lake Loop Track (Queenstown)

Distance: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Moke Lake is a stunning lake famous for its still water that gives amazing reflections.

Located near Queenstown there are two hikes – one around the lake, and the other to a viewpoint.

The walk around the lake is very flat and only takes a few hours. The hike to the viewpoint is shorter but goes straight up for 45 minutes before you reach the top.

For those looking for short day hikes near Queenstown, this is definitely one to add to the list. 

Moke Lake - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Franz and Fox Glacier Walks (West Coast)

Distance: Approximately one hour each

Difficulty: Easy but with some elevation

The Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers are the most popular and well know glaciers in New Zealand and the most accessible.

These glaciers are highly popular for glacier heli-hikes; however, you don’t have to spend a few hundred dollars to see them.

Instead, you can walk to one or both viewing platforms for free!

Each trail is around 1 hour long and both are very well maintained. 

It’s sad to see how much the glaciers have receded over the years and how the trails to see them have become longer.

Visiting the glaciers on a short day walk in the South Island might not be something we can do in years to come! 

Looking at Fox Glacier, South Island New Zealand

Sealy Tarns Track (Mount Cook National Park)

Distance: 3-4 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate (steep and 2200 steps)

The Sealy Tarns Trail is not so much a walk as it is a climb. However, instead of a path, it involves stairs – 2000 of them! It sounds like a lot and it is, but this trail is so worth it! 

It’s a more advanced day walk but it is shorter than some of the others too. 

Once at the top you have possibly the best views of Mount Cook National Park.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can actually continue on to hike to the Mueller Hut which is another 2-hour climb.

Sealy Tarns - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Roys Peak (Wanaka)

Distance: 16km return, 5-6 hours return

Difficulty: Intermediate (steep track)

Roys Peak is by far my favourite day walk in New Zealand. This is also the hardest hike on this list in my opinion. Although it is only 8km one way you are faced with a 1100m elevation climb.

However, once at the peak, you are rewarded with the best views of Lake Wanaka that likely exist.

The trail starts only 5 minutes from Wanaka and is best hiked at sunrise to avoid the large crowds.

Thanks largely in part to Instagram, the track has become very busy in the last few years. You now need to pay $2 to walk it and there is often a line of people waiting to capture one of the most popular photos of it.

You can consider nearby Isthmus Peak track as a similar alternative.

Roys Peak - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Waipohatu Waterfall Track (Southland)

Distance: 6.5km loop, 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

The Waipohatu Track is a rather unique day trail to this list because instead of searching for glorious mountain views or stunning lakes you instead search for mesmerizing waterfalls! Add it to your South Island hikes list for a bit of variation. 

This day walk takes around 2 hours to complete and along the way you can visit two amazing waterfalls. The trail also has a few river crossings via bridges and is usually uncrowded and peaceful. 

Queenstown Hill (Queenstown)

Distance: 1.5-2.5 hours depending on chosen route

Difficulty: Easy (although uphill)

Queenstown Hill is another trail that begins almost right in the centre Queenstown so makes a popular day walk from Queenstown.

This trail is much easier than its neighbour Ben Lomond and is definitely one of the best things to do in Queenstown.

Reaching the top only takes around an hour and once there you can look down at the beautiful Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu!

Queenstown Hill - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Tasman Lake Walk (Mount Cook National Park)

Distance: 2.6km return, 20-40 minutes return to Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View, 1 hour to Tasman Glacier Lake 

Difficulty: Easy

The Tasman Lake walk is the shortest walk on this list. The round trip to the viewpoint only takes 20 minutes to complete, although the Department of Conservation recommends around 40 minutes, and it is very flat. You can extend this to get closer to the lake itself. 

Once you reach the Tasman Lake edge you can stare out at the Tasman Glacier and enjoy the picturesque view. It’s also not uncommon to see icebergs floating in the lake!

Tasman Glacier - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Truman Track (West Coast)

Distance: 1.4km return, 30 minutes return

Difficulty: Easy

The Truman Track is a coastal walk that leads to a secluded beach in New Zealand’s northwestern coast.

This South Island walk is only around 30 minutes long but is a great place to try and spot Blue Penguins. The viewing platform is also the perfect place to watch the sunset over the ocean!

The trail starts just outside the town of Punakaiki – a popular tourist destination.

If the area is on your South Island itinerary then add it to the list!

Blue Pools (West Coast)

Distance: 1.5km return, 1 hour return

Difficulty: Easy 

The Blue Pools are located on New Zealand’s West Coast. Surrounded by lush forest, the Blue Pools is actually a river that pools in a small area making it perfect for swimming.

At the pools, there are a few trails to explore as well as two suspension bridges.

In the summer months, this place is always busy with those wanting to cool off, just be warned though, the water is blue because it’s glacier-fed and therefore it’s freezing!

Blue Pools - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Slope Point Walk (Southland)

Distance: 40 minutes return

Difficulty: Easy

Slope Point is the southernmost point of New Zealand’s South Island.

Here you can almost see the Antarctic…well, not quite but it’s still a really beautiful place to visit! This is the furthest south day hike in the South Island!

Along the walk, you can watch the violent seas of the south crash against the cliffs and get a picture with the sign marking the most southern point – just so you can prove you went!

Note, no public access during lambing season from September – November.

Key Summit Track (Fiordland)

Distance: 6.8km return, 3 hours return

Difficulty: Intermediate

Many people take the road to Milford Sound from Te Anau with few stops, aiming to reach the end and return within one day.

However, if you give yourself enough time or intend to stay overnight in Milford then you there are plenty of great walks along the way.

Key Summit Track is an uphill slog but the views at the top are well worth it!

You follow the Routeburn Track for the first part of the walk before splitting off towards Key Summit.

From there you’ll have panoramic views over Fiordland National Park. The first part of the trail is in the bush and the rest is exposed, so be sure to wear sunscreen and take a hat to protect yourself from the sun!

Key Summit Track - Best Hikes South Island New Zealand

Other South Island day hikes worth a mention

It’s impossible to mention all the best hikes in the South Island of New Zealand because there are so many!

However, a few others that you could consider if you enjoy walking but don’t want to do anything too difficult are below:

Scott’s Beach, Heaphy Track – This 2-hour return track is considered an easier walk, leaving from the Kohaihai campsite and ending at the beach. Just to note the beach is not recommended for swimming though.

Mount Robert Circuit, Nelson Lakes National Park – This 4-hour loop track is one of the most popular day walks in the Nelson Lakes National Park. It is quite exposed so be sure to take lots of water and seek out shade for resting when you can.

Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfall – A short 1-hour return from Arthur’s Pass, but uphill with lots of stairs. You can also see the waterfall see them from the much longer Scott’s Track and Avalanche Peak walks.

For those looking for more of a challenge (think uphill trudging and 6-8 hour day hikes) then you can consider Mount Fyffe near Kaikoura, Alex Knob which has fantastic views over Franz Josef Glacier, and Mueller Hutt in Mount Cook National Park, which can be split over two days with a stay in the backcountry hut.

Day Walks South Island New Zealand

Multi-Day Hikes in the South Island

New Zealand’s Great Walks are designated premier tracks that are well maintained and easy to navigate, but also require you to book your accommodation well in advance thanks to their popularity.

Six of the Great Walks are in the South Island.

Kepler Track – A circular track around Fiordland National Park, near Te Anau. Walk through valleys of Beech trees, and over ridgelines of tussock. The trail is 60km and takes 3-4 days. 

Abel Tasman Coast Track – Walk along golden sand beaches and through native rainforest at the top of the South Island, near Nelson. The trail is 60km and takes 3-5 days. You could also walk part of the trail as a day trip, by taking a water taxi in/out. 

Milford Track – Fiordland is one of the most stunning areas in New Zealand, and the Milford Track will take you along 53.5km through ancient rainforest, ending at the beautiful Milford Sound. Best undertaken from late October to the end of April, this track will take you 4 days to complete. 

Heaphy Track – It takes 4-6 days to walk the 78.4km Heaphy Track, but you can also mountain bike it in 2 – 3 days from May until November. You might even spot Kiwi or Takahe on this South Island hike!

Routeburn Track – With spectacular alpine views, the Routeburn Track is another popular South Island hiking trail. 

Paparoa Track and Pike29 Memorial Track – It takes three days to walk or two days to mountain bike this new South Island hike. You’ll traverse the Paparoa Range, along alpine trails and through the rainforest. The side Pike29 Memorial Track has been created in memory of the 29 miners whose lives were lost in the Pike River Mine Disaster in November 2010.

There’s also a track on Stewart Island (Rakiura Track) if you make it that far!

New Zealand Walks South Island

Outside of the Great Walks, there are plenty of other amazing multi-day South Island hiking trails.

Consider the Hollyford Track which is 2-8 days in Fiordland National Park, the 3 day Inland Track at Abel Tasman, the 3-4 day Pelorus Track between Nelson and Picton, and a popular alternative to Abel Tasman, the Queen Charlotte Track (3-5 days).

New Zealand is an explorer’s paradise, filled with stunning walks that venture high and low.

The above South Island day walks are some of the best, and my personal favourites.

Ticking them all off would take some time but believe me they are all so worth it! I hope you enjoyed this article and hope it helped shape your trip to New Zealand’s south island into an epic one!

South Island Day Hike Packing List

Even if you’re only doing a short day hike, you should always make sure you’re prepared.

This is a simple list of gear to have or things to take with you. 

  • Comfortable walking shoes: Hiking boots aren’t strictly necessary for shorter walks but are useful for steep ascents, descents and rough terrain because they help to protect your ankles. 
  • A day pack: I like to take a foldable backpack with me when I travel for day hikes. It saves space in packing and means I only need to take a few things!
  • Water bottle: Travelling with a reusable water bottle is also a must in New Zealand. The water is safe to drink and bottled water is expensive to buy. We both have one like this
  • Snacks: Even if it’s a short walk it’s a good idea to throw in a couple of snacks like muesli bars. You never know what might happen, and keeping your energy up is good. 
  • Camera: For taking photos of those epic views of course!
New Zealand South Island View of Mount Cook

Looking for more New Zealand tips?

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