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MM Monthly Thoughts: September 2017

Welcome to the monthly update on Migrating Miss! This blog isn’t always in chronological order, or about everywhere I go, so this where you can find extra trip tips and things to do, plus what’s coming up.

It’s that time again! Where I go “I don’t know where the month has gone” and then proceed to lay out exactly where it went…

September is my birthday month and I always feel like it goes far too fast. So no surprises that’s what happened this month! I travelled a fair bit and worked a lot, and said bye to my parents as they headed back down under to New Zealand after over a year and a half of travelling the world. They’re travelling more than me!

Lake District Tour

Destinations of the month

Edinburgh, Scotland – 20 days

As usual, I spent a fair amount of time in Edinburgh this month. Although I was surprised when I counted the days to see how much it actually was! I feel like I barely unpacked my bag and I was off on another trip again. I’m not a digital nomad, since I have a home base, and what I’m learning about that is I need to schedule more downtime between trips to catch up on work and have a social life!

Edinburgh is getting noticeably darker by the day. I think by next week it’ll be dark in the morning when we wake up! Usually, I don’t mind winter in Europe so much because I quite like travelling through the offseason… and it means Christmas markets!

The Lake District, England – 3 days

The Lake District has to be one of the most beautiful parts of England, which also means it gets very busy! I took the 3-day Rabbie’s Tour of the Lake District from Edinburgh in September, to see what it’s like in the shoulder season since I’ve travelled to the Lake District in winter before, and I know it can be crazy in summer. Yes, there was some rain, but there was also sunshine and scenery that actually improves with a bit of mist! I’ve been editing photos and I’m really excited to start writing about this trip.

Lake District Rabbies Tour

Cinque Terre, Italy – 5 days

How does a girl feel better about turning 30? By going to Italy of course! EB and I went to Cinque Terre for 3 full days (the other 2 days were travelling the long way there…) to celebrate my birthday and see one of the most beautiful (and popular) parts of Italy. Cinque Terre is a group of 5 colourful villages perched on hills near the sea, and it’s just as picturesque as it sounds!

Vernazza Italy

Dublin, Ireland – 2 days

I’m posting this from Dublin! With such a short plane trip from Edinburgh and cheap flights (although… I have been caught up in the Ryanair cancellations, grrr) I don’t know why I haven’t come here more often. I’m excited to explore with EB before I head off to Killarney for TBEX, a travel conference.

Guinness Storehouse Dublin

Highlights of the month

My birthday! I’ve had the best month, actually made all the better by turning 30. My husband and friends organised a surprise celebration for me that involved a delicious lunch, an escape room, and the pub. As someone who has moved around a lot in the past five years and doesn’t really like organising things for myself, I was so touched by the effort everyone made and I had an amazing birthday overall!!!

Lowlights of the month

When you work online and travelling is often your work, having too many trips close together without time to process (literally… photos don’t edit themselves!) between isn’t the best plan. Oops.

Posts from September

I’ve posted much less than normal this month due to the amount of other work I took on and travelling. Oops! Lots of catch up on and I can’t wait to share it! Plus more videos to be made…

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Top Instagram Photo

This is my last photo of Shetland (for now!) because tomorrow I’m off to ITALY for my birthday ??. I plan to take a million and one photos of one of Italy’s prettiest places, and I’ll be around on Instagram stories. In the meantime I’ll probably post some pics from my Lake District trip last week. So many awesome places and not enough time to post! Have you travelled lately? // #unst #shetland #inspiredbyshetland . . . . . . . . . #scotland #igersscotland #igersscots #scotlandlovers #lovegreatbritain #visitscotland #scotlandsbeauty #explorescotland #brilliantbritain #OMGB #lovescotland #passionpassport #bbcscotland #blogscot #shetlandphotography #shetlandislands #shetlandisles #60north #igersuk #myfavtourlina #shewhowanders #ladiesgoneglobal #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #DameTraveler #letsgoeverywhere #guardiantravelsnaps

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What’s coming up?

Once I get home from Ireland I’ll have a couple of weeks to knuckle down on writing about all my recent trips and making some videos, before I’m off again! I have two more small trips before a big six-week adventure coming in December… but I can’t wait!

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How was your month? 

Sonja x

2 thoughts on “MM Monthly Thoughts: September 2017

  1. Yvonne says:

    I know what you mean by not having time to edit and post photos when travelling around so much! I am so far behind, I’ve arrived back in New Zealand, two weeks ago now and have photos from June to September to go through, not to mention ten days spent in Ireland in May that I haven’t even been through! I would probably need a month of doing nothing else but sorting photos to get up to date! Love your photos in this newsletter and look forward to seeing more and reading about the Lake District and Cinque Terre.

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