Monthly Thoughts

When I first started blogging it was more like having a diary. I shared about the different trips that I did and posted a ton of grainy iPhone photos. I still like to write stories about my travels, obviously, but I also mix it up with destination guides and general travel tips, in response to being asked how to do things!

I travelled a lot before I started blogging, so things here most definitely aren’t in chronological order. Which brings me to the Monthly Thoughts…

Migrating Miss Monthly Thoughts are a chance for me to keep a diary of where I’ve been that month and what’s happening in my world of expat life and blogging!

See: Where I’ve Been

They’re mixed in with other destination posts, so here’s the archive in reverse order!

2017 Monthly Thoughts

September – On travelling a bit too much and getting older!

August – On another August in Edinburgh, and getting started on video!

July – On visiting islands in Scotland and matching the streets of London

June – On finally getting a visa (again) and awesome stuff about Edinburgh

May – On that one time I got married and then went to one of the most beautiful places ever

April – On more Edinburgh festivals, spring, and London

March – On settling into life in Scotland, and a side trip to the English countryside

February – On leaving Spain and moving back to Edinburgh

January – On one of my favourite places ever in Portugal, travelling across Spain, and still waiting on a visa

2016 Monthly Thoughts

2016 in Review: Destinations of the Year – Another yearly round up of my top destinations and all the posts about them

November – On living in Almería, Spain, and visa woes

October – On life back in Spain, and travelling to Madrid

September – On finishing the summer in Edinburgh, and a wonderful birthday trip to Montenegro

August – On a month of festivals in Edinburgh and a trip to the Highlands

July – On my first TBEX conference in Stockholm, an amazing trip to Luleå and a whirlwind tour of Copenhagen

June – On a somewhat special trip to London!

May – On finishing teaching for the summer, and plans for travelling in Europe.

April – On living in Spain, Almería, Barcelona, Cabo de Gata, learning another language and eating churros

March – The first installment! On moving to Spain, learning Spanish, and teaching English

2015 in Review

2015 in Review: Destinations of the Year – Technically my first recap post, rounding up the best places I travelled in 2015. Including several road trips, one all the way across Australia!