Ayrshire & Arran

Isle of Arran
Ayrshire and arran

Where is it?

Located in the north-east corner, encompassing farmlands as well as mountains, rocky coastlines and sandy beaches, there’s plenty to be seen in this corner of Scotland.

Why visit? 

The town of Alloway in Ayrshire is the birthplace of Robert Burns, Scotland’s beloved 18th century poet. There are plenty of Burns-elated attractions amongst the country and seaside towns. The Isle of Arran is a great option for those who want to visit an island but don’t have a lot of time, thanks to its easy accessibility. 

Major cities/areas 


A seaside town with lots of places to stay, a long sandy beach, golf courses, and a racecourse. 

Isle of Arran

Famously known as “Scotland in miniature” thanks to its low-lying grasslands in the south and more mountainous north. It also has stone circles, beautiful beaches, a castle, walks, and a whisky distillery, so you can tick off all your Scotland bucket list items in one go! 

Known for

Robert Burns

Rabbie Burns, the national bard of Scotland, wrote poems, ballads, and romantic songs. He wrote in the Scot’s Language, as well as English and a lighter Scots dialect, so for those not used to it, his work can take some translation! Auld Lang Syne is probably his most universally known work. You can visit the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayrshire to learn more.