The Kingdom of Fife

St Andrews cathedral, Fife, Scotland
Kingdom of Fife

Where is it?

The Kingdom of Fife is across the Firth of Forth, a wide estuary, from Edinburgh, and stretches up the east coast. It is the home of golf, with a rich history, and to picturesque fishing villages along the coast. 

Why visit?

If Scotland is known throughout the world as the Home of Golf then Fife and St Andrews would be at its centre!

It also holds Scotland’s first capital, Dunfermline, as well as the quaint fishing villages of the East Neuk. St Andrews is a popular day trip destination from Edinburgh but there’s plenty more hidden gems to discover in this more off the beaten path region. 

Major cities/towns: 

St Andrews

A town full of history, with the oldest university in Scotland, the ruins of a 12th century cathedral, and the “Old Course”, the most famous golf course in Scotland and possibly the world. 

Known for


Golf is mentioned a lot in relation to Fife, and it’s that something you’re interested in then it’s definitely worth a visit. However, it’s certainly not the only thing to do in the area! 

East Nuek

A coastal area home to the beautiful fishing villages of Trail, Anstruther, Pittenweem, among others. You’ll find a wealth of craft stores and art galleries as well as family-friendly cafes with delicious food made from local goods, plus some of the best fish and chips in Scotland.