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The Best Brunch Around The World

Brunch Around the World

I adore brunch. I might even be a little obsessed with it. Spending mornings that turn into afternoons in eateries, having big fulfilling meals, catching up with friends or quietly reading the newspaper or a book. It’s one of my favourite things in the world to do. But brunch around the world comes in all different forms. I decided to ask my fellow travel bloggers to tell me about their favourite brunch. Below is a collection of some of some of the best brunches to be found around the world!

Wellington, New Zealand

I might be biased, but I think New Zealand has some of the best brunch in the world. Eggs Benedict is a national favourite, with either ham, salmon or spinach being the usual. Followed closely by avocado on toast, with cracked black pepper and a slice of lemon to squeeze over it. Corn fritters, although they may sound weird, are also found on many brunch menus, complete with bacon and avocado on top. Add a flat white, the style of coffee that is now spreading around the world, and you have the perfect weekend meal.  When I lived in Wellington I loved trying out different places with friends on the weekends. With some favourites being Fidels and Plum, both on Cuba Street, and the Boat Cafe in the harbour itself for something different.

Brunch Around the World New Zealand

Edinburgh, Scotland

You might have heard of an English Breakfast, which has spread around the world to almost everywhere you can find English tourists, but have you heard of a Scottish Breakfast? In addition to the eggs, bacon, sausages and beans, Scottish Breakfast comes with a potato scone, which is a flat type of (delicious) bread, and haggis. I highly recommend you don’t think about what haggis is, and just give it a go! You might be surprised, in a good way. One of my favourite brunch places in Edinburgh is The Roseleaf, in Leith. Their brunch menu has a ton of options, including Eggs Benedict with haggis, which is quite rich in flavour, but amazing. But if you visit Scotland, don’t miss trying a traditional Scottish Breakfast.

Brunch Around the World Scotland

Photo by Finding the Universe 

Gold Coast, Australia

When I think of brunch in Australia I see mountains of avocado, free range eggs, beetroot relish, fresh flavours, all sorts of smoothies and delicious coffee. The Gold Coast is bursting at the seams with great places to eat, and brunch is no exception. With a habit of getting up early in the morning and making the most of the miles and miles of golden sand beaches, it’s not uncommon to see cafes packed to the brim with people enjoying a leisurely brunch, and other customers waiting to get in to their favourites. You can find great organic and raw options as well, because although the Gold Coast may be known for it’s parties, step outside of Surfers Paradise and you’ll find a health conscious and hipster sort of vibe. One of the best brunches I had was at Vintage Espresso, at Mermaid Beach, with hummus and pumpkin on toast, with a side of poached eggs. Paddock Bakery in Miami is another favourite, along with Burleigh Social down the road. Further north in Broadbeach I can’t recommend Elk Espresso enough, for any meal really!

Brunch Around the World Gold Coast Australia

Almería, Spain

While the usual breakfast in Spain is half of a baguette style bread (or whole, if you’re me) smothered in tomato, cheese, ham, marmalade, Spanish Omelette or whatever else you like, at the weekend things can be a little more special. Many restaurants will serve Paella on the weekend, in the traditional way straight out of the pan. It’s common for families to gather and have a big lunch, as this is typically the biggest meal of the deal, and on the weekend it can go on for hours!

Brunch Around the World Spain

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Eternal Arrival

Brunch is big in Amsterdam – especially American and Australian style brunch! I went to Drovers Dog in the Indische Buurt neighborhood of Amsterdam on a hungover morning. They offered a variety of brunch offerings, some with a Dutch flair and some veering more towards the traditional American/Aussie brunch offerings. My friend went more Dutch with a delicious smoked mackerel salad on toast, but – in a fit of homesickness – I went full American with a delicious variant of eggs Benedict.

Brunch Around the World Amsterdam

Helsinki, Finland

Travel Dave UK

If you happen to be in Helsinki on a Sunday, you must check out Block by Dylan, my favorite brunch location in Finland. Located perfectly overlooking the main market square and harbor of Helsinki.

This is an awesome location to people watch and see the market stalls set up to get ready for the lunch time rush. A large selection of brunch items is on offer including many local Finnish dishes such as Karelia pies, Smoked salmon and of course, endless amounts of coffee to give you that morning kick.

If you happen to be the brave type, why not go for a dip in the close by and newly opened outdoor public pool Allas sea pool. Yes, it is still open in the winter for those brave enough for an ice plunge to start the day, you will truly blend in with the Finnish locals.

Brunch Around the World Helsinki Finland

Paris, France

Solo Sophie

One of my favourite places to sit back and relax with friends come Sunday Brunch Time is Cafe Oberkampf. Situated in the chic 11e arrondissement of Paris, it’s the perfect place to come if you fancy an unusual morning brew (read: dirty chai lattés, unusual blends of tea).

Brunch Around the World Paris France

Bangkok, Thailand

Dose of Life

Bangkok has always been known for two things: food and shopping. Well there is also temples and nightlife (interesting contrast right?). It’s a city that never sleeps and a city that never seems to never stop eating either. Brunch, however, is a new scene here. If you look at traditional Thai food, there is no brunch in the dictionary. In the past few years though, it has been growing like weeds (or whatever else that grows REALLY fast). Google Brunch in Bangkok and you’ll see dozens of articles on where to get a decent meal.

You’ll find everything between cute little hipster cafes to massive buffets at hotels serving all the traditional and contemporary dishes you can think of. Think Eggs Benedict with a modern fusion twist. Also expect some places to be equipped for a boozy brunch Sunday.

Seafood buffet with sparkling wine? Yes please!

Brunch Around the World Bangkok


Subject Verb Object

Israeli breakfasts, like their Arab and Turkish counterparts, are a sight to behold (and taste!). Fresh bread is accompanied by not only by butter and jam, but also salads, dips, pastries, and eggs. A typical spread includes bread, a garden salad seasoned with olive oil and salt, cream cheese, sour cream, Bulgarian or feta cheese cubes, tahini, labneh (thick yogurt) dip tuna salad, avocado salad, olives, butter, jam, and an omelette seasoned with fresh herbs or more cheese. Breakfast is served with freshly pressed orange juice and piping hot coffee. It’s an enormous amount of food best shared, and delicious!

Brunch Around the World Israel

Bali, Indonesia

Love and Road

Bali is the place to be if you wanna experience a brunch extravaganza! We lived in Bali for two months and while traveling around the island we tried many cafes and restaurants, and no doubt my favorite is Shady Shack close to Echo Beach, Canggu. Healthy food cooked to perfection, a wide selection of fresh juices, eggs, raw cakes and the famous smoothie bowl with tropical fruits and nuts that will make you drooling when reading the menu. What I love about Shady Shack it’s that the breakfast and brunch menu are served all day long, so when you are done with the beach you cango there to recharge your batteries with delicious food. The tables are in the garden, under the trees, so you are not only having a brunch but actually enjoy the beautiful nature and the rice paddies
in Bali.

Brunch Around the World Bali Indonesia

New York, USA

Ginger on the Go

The most famous type of brunch in New York City is referred to as a bottomless brunch. When I mentioned this to a European, he was quite perplexed. You don’t eat brunch bottomless, rather the drinks are unlimited or bottomless. Some establishments even have endless food during a set time period as well. If you want to enjoy New York like a local, you must try a bottomless brunch. They range from high end to bar food and any type of food goes. You can order pancakes, bacon and eggs or hamburgers, steak and salads.

One of my all time favorite brunch foods is a Southern delight called chicken and waffles where you are served fried chicken on top of buttermilk waffles with barbecue sauce and syrup! Brunch is a very social activity, usually scheduled for midday from 11-1pm on Saturday or Sunday. It’s a great way for friends to catch up and unwind before going back to the demanding work grind on Monday.

Brunch Around the World New York


Everywhere with Ferna

Sun-dried fish locally named as “Tuyo” with cucumber, tomato and salted egg are one of the delicious brunches in the Philippines especially over the weekend. Filipinos always eat with white rice with the combination of salty, sour and sweet food in the morning partnered with different kinds of dip from soy sauce, banana catsup to coconut vinegar and topped with red chili to have more taste. The combination of salted egg and sun-dried fish is common in the central region of the Philippines.

Brunch Around the World Philippines

London, United Kingdom


London is a multi-cultural city with lots of foreigners from all over the World. Traditionally English people eat Sunday roast for lunch on Sundays, but in London the American style of brunch is more popular. One can enjoy eggs, bacon, salmon, eggs benedict and waffles as well as other delicious options from different ethnic countries like India, Peru or Mexico, Italy.

Brunch Around the World London United Kingdom

Sacramento, USA

A Jaunt with Joy

The Tower Cafe in Sacramento, CA is an international restaurant and bakery attached to the historic Tower Theatre. The cafe was voted as Sacramento’s best brunch spot for its excellent worldy cuisine and beautifully crafted cocktails. Opt for an indoor table to sit amongst travel memorabilia or sit in the outdoor garden for a more intimate experience. Brunch in California (especially Sacramento because it’s America’s Farm to Fork capital) is all about fresh and healthy food. And it almost always includes mimosas!

Brunch Around the World Sacramento California

Stockholm, Sweden

Pretty Wild World

If there’s one thing I’d say about Stockholm is that they’re easily comparable to other big cities like London, Paris, or even New York – it is trendy, beautiful and exciting! One thing I enjoy the most, as a chef, is the food scene in this lovely city and it is amazing! I’m a Helsinki local, and although my town is catching up with the trend, Stockholm is always one step forward.

I haven’t been to many brunch places in Stockholm, but I was mind blown my the selection they have! They have fresh salads, salty pies, artisan bread, raw smoothies, delicious pastries, and of course, amazing coffees! There are several sorts of brunch places in Stockholm and that could range from buffet style to brunch menus. Locals often opt for brunch that is healthy and at the same time with typical brunch necessities such as different pieces of bread, cheeses, hams, and fresh orange juice. Very typical yet always done with a bit of Stockholm style – trendy!

Brunch Around the World Stockholm Sweden

Daegu, South Korea

The Neverending Wanderlust 

Brunch is a relatively new phenomena in South Korea, as the traditional breakfast here primarily consists of meat, rice, side dishes, and soup. Brunch restaurants have been gaining popularity over the past 6 months, and I couldn’t be happier. The standard brunch plate consists of eggs (scrambled or fried), bacon, sausage (hot dog), potatoes, and small salad. Some venues will include some fresh bread or pastries as well. Some of my favorite brunch spots in Daegu even offer avocado toast. Although I’ve been living in Korea for over two years, I still enjoy a good Western-style brunch!

Brunch Around the World South Korea

Saintes, France

Le Long Weekend

Visit any French village on a Sunday morning and you’ll notice the local boulangerie is a hive of activity. It’s common knowledge that the early bird gets the freshest pastries here; so you have to skip the sleep in if you want to dine on delicacies like flaky croissants, warm pain au chocolat and crusty baguettes.

Breakfast is typically enjoyed at home around the family table. Baguettes are cut lengthways and slathered in butter and jam (tartines) – served up alongside bowls of steaming coffee, and orange juice. Sweet, simple and satisfying is how I’d sum up the habitual French breakfast!

Brunch Around the World France

San Francisco, USA

Berkeley And Beyond 

A popular brunch with San Franciscans is a visit to a Chinese dim sum parlor. One of my favorite places to enjoy this treat is at the highly rated Yank Sing, where the steamed buns, fried dumplings, and turnovers, as well as exotic delicacies such as steamed duck beaks and chicken feet, are brought around to tables Hong Kong-style on carts and trays. The more the merrier for this shared brunch, since more people allows you to try more items.

Brunch San Francisco California

Jaipur, India

Mohit Arts

India is a country with full of vividness in every aspect be it fashion, lifestyle, culture or religion and food is not left untouched with this versatility. There is a vast menu to be served on the plates with every region having their own type. Since most people have two meals in a day, one in the morning before leaving home and other after they are back after daylong work. This makes their breakfast cum lunch (i.e. Brunch) a very important meal of their day. Being region specific main dishes for brunch can range from dal, chapati, veggies, soup, curries, and different kinds of rice.

My favourite part was my breakfast I had in Jaipur. Jaipur also called the Pink city situated in the state of Rajasthan, India. Though there are plenty of spots one can find to eat but one of my favourites is the Limelight which is inside the Hotel Royal Orchid. The restaurant serves mouth-watering dishes on the buffet that to so much in variety that one’s tummy is filled up much before they even try them all. You could see all cuisine on the menu from South Indian, Punjabi and even English. It also has a live kitchen to serve some hot dishes on demand of the guest. I personally started with the fruits and juice followed by Dosa and then the Omelette which I loved the most.

Brunch Around the World India

New Orleans, USA

A Tipsy Gypsy Life

New Orleans brunch is all about decadent local seafood and refreshingly strong drinks. All throughout the city, restaurants compete for the best crab benedict. With the French influence and freshest crab possible, each benedict is a tangy, delicious meal. I highly recommend visiting Elizabeth’s in the Bywater—they even have praline candied bacon. Pair it with spicy Bloody Mary or Cucumber Cooler (gin + cucumber). If you’re feeling more adventurous, try the local favorite, BBQ shrimp-n-grits from The Ruby Slipper Cafe. Made with love and lots of French influence (think creamy), it’s the best cure for a hangover! Start the day right with a little hair of the dog, like a fresh peach Bellini. NOLA does brunch right.

Brunch Around the World New Orleans USA

Toronto, Canada

The Restless Worker 

Brunch is a much loved tradition in Canada. There’s no better way to nurse a hangover than with a good piece of peameal bacon (or Canadian bacon as the Americans call it) and a Caesar. If you’re having brunch in Canada you absolutely cannot miss the Caesar it may sound gross but once you’ve tried it a few times you’ll be craving it as a hangover cure like the rest of us. Similar to a Bloody Mary the Caesar is made from a certain type of tomato juice called Clamato – the difference? Clamato contains (as you may have guessed it) clam juice! Trust me you can’t taste clam but there is a distinct flavour with Clamato. You’ll also add in Worcestershire sauce, vodka, hot sauce and sometimes horseradish. It’s also a tradition here when it comes the to drinks garnish. The typical garnish is a celery stick but there are places that put lobster tails, pizza slices, sliders or bacon. Really the sky is the limit!

Brunch Around the World Canada Ceasar

Photo provided by Pack Me To 


Lydiascapes Travel

Plenty of hipster cafes and brunch places in this tiny little bustling city. One of my favourites is having waffles at Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe. They have local delights like pandan flavour waffles with gula melaka ice-cream, a sweet caramel tasting delicacy that is a must try when visiting Singapore. Hot waffles and a nice cup of coffee to start any weekend right!

Brunch Around the World, Singapore

Berlin, Germany

Nomadic Boys

We love Germany, particularly the gay scene of Berlin. But as a result, waking for breakfast time is quite a struggle. Along comes the brunch culture, mixed with a touch of British Victorian class and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect brunch time in the German capital city.

We had brunch at Cafe Kalwil Kunde in Schoeneberg, which included sparkling wine, an array of meats and cheeses, beautifully presented and of course yummy coffee – all set to a dramatic Victorian decorated background.

Brunch Around the World Berlin Germany

Annapolis, USA

Travel Addicts

Annapolis, Maryland is the crab capital of the United States (and the capital of the State of Maryland). Located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland blue crabs are a key part of the local cuisine, including brunch. On every menu, you’ll see crabby delights. Our top pick was the world famous crab and cheese omelet at Chick and Ruth’s Delly.

Brunch Around the World Annapolis, Maryland USA

Cape Town, South Africa

The World Pursuit

If you’re looking for a good spot in the world for brunch then look no further than Cape Town, South Africa. Everywhere you look there is something delicious to eat. Ranging from sushi, to Ethiopian, to Mexican, and even tapas. You can get any cuisine in Cape Town that you may fancy. The best part? The food in South Africa is incredibly affordable. We were able to get full on sushi meals for less than $15 USD. Glasses of nice wine may run you all of $3. We enjoyed grabbing brunch at the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay every weekend!

Brunch Around the World Cape Town South Africa

Reykjavik, Iceland

Stranger in a Strange Land

Icelanders hate waking up early and who can blame them when in the winter the sun doesn’t rise until noon? It’s no surprise that brunch is an extremely popular weekend activity. Icelandic brunch is a mixture of Scandinavian, British, and American influences. American style pancakes, a rarity in Europe, are popular in Iceland, as is the Icelandic take on the traditional English breakfast. Icelanders are proud of their dairy industry so butter, cheese, and skyr, a style of yogurt thicker than Greek accompany most breakfasts. What really adds an Icelandic twist is the selection of fish offered at breakfast time, sometimes baked into an omelette. Coffee or tea is always consumed at brunch time, with a strong leaning toward coffee from the Icelandic population.

My two favourite spots for brunch in Reykjavik are The Laundromat Café and The Coocoo’s Nest. Popular with both locals and tourists alike, the Laundromat Café is a Danish chain featuring a wide selection of American, British, and Scandinavian brunch items. And yes, there is an actual laundromat downstairs! Since I’m a type 1 diabetic and a vegetarian, I try to choose something that’s a balance between healthy and a “cheat meal.” At The Laundromat, I recommend the “clean breakfast.” It comes with scrambled eggs, brie cheese, fruit, hummus and salad, muesli and yogurt, potatoes, mini pancakes, a bread basket, and mango ginger juice. The Coocoo’s Nest is more of a local haunt, located in the harbour area. They have daily specials, but I always get the Eggs Florentine alla Coocoos, which are poached eggs and spinach in a blue cheese sauce. Foodies take delight, as both of these restaurants list their menu online in both Icelandic and English!

Brunch Around the World Iceland

Kiev, Ukraine

The Wayfarers Book

Like most of Eastern Europe, traditional breakfast foods in Ukraine tend to be savory and hearty – potato-filled dumplings called varenyky, cheese stuffed pancakes, cooked buckwheat. However, the Kiev restaurant scene has started to embrace brunch as a social and culinary movement, with hip cafes popping up all over the place. With smashed avocado toast, pancakes stuffed with berries and cream cheese, bacon and vegetable frittatas, brunchers in Kiev have a plethora of options. One of the trendiest brunch places is Milk Bar – for a minute you might think you’ve walked through a magic door to hipster Brooklyn. If you’re going on the weekend make sure to call ahead for a reservation. Young Kiev residents make for a competitive brunch crowd!

Brunch Around the World Kiev Ukraine

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A World to Travel

One of the things I learnt in Dubai was that brunch is an institution there.

Actually, the good life can be experienced in so many ways. Take for instance, the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach.

This hotel’s privileged location makes it for the perfect spot to evade the city madness and enter a peaceful oasis in the middle of the chaos. I visited it for a Japanese themed brunch in its Sea Fu restaurant and then toured around the facilities. That only made me want to go back madly. From its roof top terrace overlooking both Dubai’s skyline and the lush gardens cramped with pools by the sea, to its sumptuous indoors salons with live piano music and upscale Spa, it’s already on my list for my upcoming visits to the city.

I bet you also find this sushi mouthwatering!

Brunch Around the World Dubai


Drifter Planet

In my opinion, one of the best ways to experience a new place is by eating the local food, and Myanmar did not fail me with this. If you are a sucker for curries like I am – you’re gonna LOVE Burmese food, especially the elaborate brunches! Our brunch typically contained 6 things – 1) Burmese noodles of different sizes and textures mixed together with many crispy things, 2) a very thin spicy soup with a few veggies, 3) sliced sweet Burmese pancake (a little different when compared to typical English pancakes), 4) a short and stubby banana, 5) a cup of special Myanmar tea (a bit like Indian chai) and 6) a thermos of fresh green tea. I never left anything on my plate and it kept me energetic for most of the day.


Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a true melting pot with so many different cultures and therefore styles of brunch. I decided to include two entries, and there could have been even more! (Here are 8 Sydney brunch spots you should definitely check out!)

Solo Passport

Aussies love their food. Sydney provides a wide variety of brunch options. They vary from the typical toasts and eggs to croissants, coffee and cakes. One such place that provides different and delicious pan cakes is ‘Pancakes on the Rocks’. ‘The Butterfly’ pancakes are the mini pancakes with strawberry jam and ice cream. The pancakes are soft and mouth-watering. The jam and the ice cream adds the sweet touch to the pancakes which makes it scrumptious and tasty.

Brunch Around the World, Sydney Australia

Contented Traveller

Sydney is one of those cities that eat all day. In fact, it is an Australian phenomenon. Whether it is because we like eating outdoors, or we are just hungry, who know’s? Australians favorite words are ‘all day breakfast’, so I am going to pretend that brunch starts at 11am. I would have to say also that there is no really typical brunch food; definitely Asian is a very firm favorite, with Thai and Vietnamese very popular. However, I am going to recommend Turkish for brunch, because it is a surprisingly light lunch, and an amazing restaurant called Anason, at Barangaroo, Sydney’s newest harbourside precinct.

Brunch Around the World Sydney Australia

Delhi, India

Wander With Jo

Indians love to cook so typical brunch used to be North Indian delicacies like Stuffed bread with pickle and curd, mixed veggies, chick peas with bread and the likes. However, now, we have all sorts of brunch options from salads, soups, burgers, BBQ’s, pizzas, pancakes, sushi, risottos – You can practically pick a place based on your mood and cuisine orientation for the day. One of my absolute favorite spots in Delhi for brunch is the street menu by Vivanta by Taj for its delightful Indianlised global bites and street food, served with 5 star quality and hygiene – You don’t want to get the fateful Delhi belly!

Brunch Around the World Delhi India

Costa Rica

Drink Tea & Travel

When it comes to eating in Costa Rica there is one meal that is remembered by every visitor coming to the country, the local breakfast/brunch special – Gallo Pinto.

Despite its name, Gallo Pinto (literally: coloured rooster) has nothing to do with chicken. It’s a delicious mix of rice and beans, sautéed with garlic, onions, and cilantro, often served with 1-2 fried or scrambled eggs and a sausage on the side. Try it with the local vegetable sauce Lizano for a truly local experience. You’ll find Gallo Pinto in every restaurant in Costa Rica, from the hole in the wall shops to high-end restaurants.

Brunch Around the World Costa Rica

Portland, USA

Travel Outlandish

In Portland, brunch is the off-hour outing that happy hour once was. The lines start early at Portland’s most popular establishments, so you can forget a late start. Brunch restaurants offer the same international variety as other US restaurants, but on any menu, you can expect inventive Benedicts, bizarre donuts, biscuits and gravy, or an exceptional version of a simple American breakfast. Perhaps more important than the food is the bloody Mary’s and bottomless mimosas that have been known to set back even the most ambitious of Saturday’s. If you’re looking for something quicker and cheaper, nearly every food truck in Portland offers brunch, too. We say the best brunch in Portland is served up at Tasty N Sons, Brunch Box, and Pine State Biscuits, but brunch in just one of many fun things to do in Portland. We hope you love that weird city as much as we do!

Brunch Around the World Portland USA

Of course there are even more types of brunches and more places than can be counted to enjoy it around the world. But if you had to pick one of these, which would it be? If your favourite brunch isn’t on the list, what is it? 

Sonja x

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  1. Alice says:

    I love these suggestions! I’ve just come back from a few days in Vienna, where we found the most amazing brunch spots. There’s something so magical about being able to indulge in lazy brunch – plus it sets you up for a day exploring. We’d thoroughly recommend Josef’s backerei, easily one of the nicest bakeries and breakfast spots I’ve ever come across.

    • Migrating Miss says:

      I totally agree! I love to have a nice brunch somewhere and then go out and explore. And trying different foods is one of the main things I like to do when I travel! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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    This is a wonderful list. I love food and travel posts and will be sure to make sure I come back and visit when I visit the locations listed.

    I love Brunch and try a new place each time I go into NYC! You should try, Jack’s Wife Freda and Sarabeth’s!

  3. Noi says:

    Hi Sonja, hmmm, this post has made me feel very hungry! I’ve had a few brunches in Bangkok, Au Bon Pain is one of my favorites, chicken and pesto wrap with an iced coffee, heaven. Noi.

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