Travel Resources

I often get asked about what sites I use or how I find different ways to travel, so I thought I’d lay out all the travel resources I use and like here for you all!

These are all things I personally recommend in planning or going about my travels.

Use the table of contents to help you navigate to what you need!

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Finding Cheap Flights


My favourite is Skyscanner, and I’ve been a loyal customer for years.

The ‘Everywhere’ option is how I ended up travelling so much in Europe when I first moved here. Select your departure point and see where it’s cheapest to go.

You can broaden it even more by selecting months to find the cheapest month. Sometimes it does try to match the airline for you, and there are cheaper options for booking with two separate airlines.

I would recommend booking through just one airline and directly, not with any of the third-party services, even if it’s cheaper.


Kayak works in a very similar way to Skyscanner. I’ve been using Kayak a lot more for the flexible days option, which helps to show you the cheapest days combination of days to fly.

Secret Flying

They post awesome deals and error fares and are well worth following on Facebook to see the latest deals quickly!


I never thought I would be a package holiday person but I’m converted! I’m yet to do an all-inclusive holiday but with two little ones booking a self-catering apartment, having flights with luggage included, transfers, and plenty of options of places to go has made travelling much easier.

I’m very specific when booking though! It must be an apartment with kitchen facilities, a quick transfer, a swimming pool, close to a beach, and with restaurants and places to eat nearby. I’m sure as the kids grow things will change again!

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Booking Accommodation

My favourite! You can book everything from hotels to B&Bs, self-catering accommodation, and hostels.

They have really good deals and so many ways to search that you can find everything you need here. There is also often the option to have free cancellation if you think things will change with your trip.


Great to check out the reviews for any hostel you’re looking to book and also to lay out all the options for booking! Usually, you only need to pay a small deposit so if plans change it’s not much to lose, and you can get the insurance for around an extra dollar in case things do.


I love staying in Airbnb accommodation, although I’m partial to the entire house option. It makes me feel more like a local when I travel and I love the quirkier options. If you use the link above you’ll get a credit towards your first booking.


I love this website for finding better deals at the last minute. It’s not just for that though, and I’ve used it to book well ahead of time with a great deal as well. It’s always worth comparing everything when planning!


I used this when I was travelling in Asia when I wanted to book something ahead and I think it’s better for that region than

If you’re flexible with your travels you can often just show up to places there so that you can check out the rooms in person, but sometimes it’s nice to check out reviews and to book ahead so you’re not wandering around when you get to a new place.


An awesome option if you’re looking to travel on the cheap, or to meet up with some locals in a new place.

You can use the website to find someone’s couch to crash on (or if you’re lucky, an actual room!) or to join in with any events happening in the area.


My parents travelled all over the UK and Europe, housesitting as they went.

It’s a fantastic way to live like a local, save money, and you often get to play with other peoples pets but have no lasting responsibility! Win.

As a constant traveller I haven’t been able to commit to having a pet, but this is a way to do it!

Trusted Housesitters is a great website for connecting with homeowners. You can read more about Housesitting in Europe here.

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Favourite Travel Gear

Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack

My favourite carry-on backpack! I always try and travel carry on only if at all possible, and this backpack is perfect for it.

Now we have kids, it makes it a little harder, but having said that, carry on is still possible! 

Check out this bag on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Pacsafe Travelsafe Portable Safe

These are great for keeping your gear safe when you don’t have access to a locker if you’re staying in a hostel or a safe in a hotel room. You can lock them to bed frames in hostels and all sorts!

Waterproof Lightweight Dry Sack

If you’re doing adventure activities, or even just travelling on boats a lot (Southeast Asia looking at you!) these are a welcome addition to your pack. They don’t take up much space and if you get a compression one they can actually help with packing.

Packing Cube Set

These help you win at packing life and I live for them, especially now that with the kids I’m often packing things for more than one person in one suitcase.

I used to use plastic bags to separate my things and let me tell you, no one appreciates you in a hostel room trying to find stuff before you leave early at 5am.

You can get small ones to fit in a carry-on, or larger ones for your bigger luggage. Below is the exact set I have and the colour coding helps a lot too.


Otherwise known as flip flops, thongs or sandals. I wouldn’t be a Kiwi traveller without them! They’re not just for the beach but they’re lifesavers in gross hostel bathrooms or something easy to slip on in your accommodation. 

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Tech Travel Gear

GoPro Camera

I LOVE my GoPro. I really hate spending money on things (other than travel!) but some things just make it better. I got this before I learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef because I wanted to be able to have a camera in the water, and now it comes with me everywhere!

Apple MacBook Air

I don’t know how I managed before I got my MacBook Air. I had a teeny netbook but it just wasn’t cutting it and this is so lightweight and so much more powerful.

Apple iPhone

I didn’t have an actual camera until December 2016! Any trips I took before that were photographed with my iPhone. And sometimes with an iPhone 4 at that! I moved to an iPhone 6s which really helped my photography as the quality was great, and I’ve since got an iPhone 11 which has helped even more. Each upgrade means a better camera and it makes it easy to go out for a travel day with just a phone.

I do use my “real” camera when I’m taking photos I know I’ll want to use for the website or that I want to be of a higher quality and edit a lot, but I still resort to my iPhone for quick snaps and in certain lighting.

I always try to get a bigger harddrive size because it means I can store so many videos and photos, which I do since I also import my GoPro photos and camera photos to edit on the Snapseed App on the go.  Make sure you get an unlocked one so you can change simcards wherever you go!

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

I’m in LOVE with my Sony a6000 camera. I used to be happy taking photos with iPhone only, but it got to the point where I was limited in what I could do. I wanted to be able to zoom with good quality, adjust for different lighting and take high-quality images, but without having to carry around a DSLR.

The Sony a6000 is mirrorless which makes it much smaller than a DSLR, and perfect for me to carry around! There are updated newer versions but this is the one I have and I have no complaints. Buying a camera can be a learning curve but you can keep it simple if you like and start with auto functions.

Be prepared to not get it straight away, and invest in a travel photography course if you need it.

AmazonBasics Tripod

Since I’ve started filming more videos and trying out long exposure photography I’ve realised I really need a tripod.

This is obviously one of the cheaper options on the market but it suits me right now and I’ve had no issues with it. I may upgrade at a later date, but if you’re new to photography then this a great option to get you started.

Portable Charger

Having a portable charger has saved my life with tech on more than one occasion. Using all these social media apps means that I run my battery down often! I can charge my phone or even my camera if it gets low. 

Kindle E-reader

I love the feel of real books and often buy them second hand on my travels, then leave them behind in hostels and accommodation. But when there are books I really want to read or I am seriously at my weight limit having a Kindle means I’m never without something to read. Also important now I run the Scotland Book Club!

Worldwide Travel Adapter

I used to always get caught short with the wrong plugs since I have devices with New Zealand, EU and UK plugs and I’d inevitably forget one of the adaptors whenever I went somewhere. If you get a multi-converter you don’t have that problem, and I love how this one also has USB ports to charge things like my iPhone and GoPro at the same time.

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Overland Travel

Seat 61

Seriously good advice for train trips! It’s a super informative website that I always refer to when I don’t understand what I should be booking train wise.

Europe Rail

Brings together all the European Rail companies in one spot and makes it easy to book across multiple countries.


This company operates in so many different countries in Europe and they usually have awesome fares. It was SO cheap when I was travelling around Poland and into Slovakia as well, under their partner Polski Bus. 

Blabla Car

A carsharing website where people can offer rides and you can join in, or ask for rides. It’s super popular in Spain and usually cheaper and faster than taking a bus that stops in every little place.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads

I’ve found this to be the most flexible insurance for long-term travellers to get since you can get it after you leave or extend it. Note that rates are based on your country of permanent residence though, so it can be more expensive if you’re from New Zealand like me!

Work Exchange


Working in exchange for your board and food is an awesome way to travel. You can have a completely different and more local experience, and meet some really awesome people. I used HelpX in Spain and still rave about it.


Basically the same as the above, just a different site!


I put this above in accommodation but it also applies here, since you often look after peoples animals in exchange for staying at their house.

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Useful Apps

Google Maps

I know, I know, it’s just Google Maps. But did you know you can download maps so that you can use them offline? I

f I knew this I would have avoided getting completing lost in Spain, and Greece, and the UK, and… you get the idea. Check out this guide on how to export Google Maps to avoid my mistakes!

Travel Blogging Resources

If you want to know more about travel blogging check out my Beginners Guide to Starting a Travel Blog.


Where to buy your domain name which can then be used on a hosting platform of your choice.


One of my recommended web hosts for your website.

Hopefully, this list helps you out, but you can always ask me too!