Couples Travel

So you’re starting an adventure together?

Travelling as a couple can be a lot of fun! It can also be a recipe for disaster.

Couples can have very different ideas of the perfect trip, and not just when it comes to choosing a destination. There’s also whether you’re the type of traveller who likes to be constantly on the go, to relax, to budget hard, or to splash out on a bit of luxury.

All of these things can become points of contention when you first start travelling together unless you tackle them all upfront and aim to make the trip work for both of you!

Why couples travel is awesome

Despite the doom and gloom above, travelling as a couple is awesome. You get to share some of the most amazing moments of your life with the person you’re closest to. I’ve travelled extensively both solo and as part of a couple, and solo while I was in a relationship. While the latter was still great fun I definitely had times when I wished my partner was there sharing an experience with me. 

If you do it right, travelling can bring you closer together, and give you amazing memories to reminisce over for many years to come!

Tips for travelling as a couple

A few quick tips for making your trip more “dream” than “nightmare”:

  • Choose a destination that has things that appeal to both of you
  • Allow yourselves to spend time apart if it means you get to do what you want 
  • Agree on the budget early on and stick to it
  • Be prepared for compromise
  • Keep an open mind and try activities or new things your partner really wants to do. You might surprise yourself!
  • Play to your strengths: If one person is great at packing or planning then let them do it!
  • Don’t get hangry, take snacks! 

Couples shoes and view of Salisbury Cargs and Edinburgh city from above

Some great couples travel destinations

Any travel destination can be great for couples, but here are a few of my favourites. 


Is there anywhere more romantic than Italy? Home to Venice, Rome, Verona, delicious food, good wine, stunning countryside and quaint towns, it is the ultimate in romantic destinations for couples. 

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You’ve heard of Paris, right? But France has plenty of other romantic places for couples too. Just take a wander through the small towns of the Dordogne, or Provence, and you won’t be disappointed! Step into a fairy-tale Chateaux, visit a rustic winery, enjoy country retreats or medieval towns together. 

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Spain has a special place in my heart, having spent some time living there. But I also think it’s a highly underrated destination. While Italy and France are often obvious choices for romantic places in Europe, Spain is often left behind. But go to an authentic flamenco show and tell me Spain isn’t romantic! It has beautiful villages, vibrant cities, delicious food, and plenty to do. 


Iceland is a fantastic place to travel as a couple. It’s the ultimate road trip destination! It’s expensive, which means having someone to travel with can help you split costs, but also share the experience with and marvel over how out-of-this-world it is. It’s a special place! You can bathe in hot springs, and if you’re lucky, spot the northern lights. Just make sure if you visit in winter you’re confident about driving!

New Zealand

I may be biased because I’m from New Zealand and we spent our honeymoon there, but I think it’s an awesome place for couples to travel. It may not have the obvious romance of some of the above, but there are tons of awesome experiences you can have together. Flying in a helicopter up to a glacier where we walked through crevasses and ice tunnels was just one of the many, many highlights of our trip! We stayed everywhere from luxury lodges to a yurt in someone’s backyard, and all of it made for a memorable trip together. 

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Like I said, anywhere can be a romantic destination if you want it to be. Many of the trips I’ve written about were taken as a couple, although I haven’t expressly said so. 

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