Family Travel

So you’re going on a family adventure? 

Good on you! When I was pregnant so many people hinted or outright told me that my travel days would be over.

And yes, travel has changed for us since Baby B came along, but we are still getting out there exploring and having adventures. 

Sometimes that simply means a day out somewhere new or a weekend away, and other times it means around 24 hours of travel across the world from Scotland to New Zealand! 

Whatever it is, and whether you’re used to travelling or just starting out, travelling as a family is a really valuable thing to do, so I want to help you do it!

Mum lifting up baby overlooking Loch Tay

Why family travel is different

When you travel as a family there’s a lot more to think about! You need to organise a small person or people as well as yourself and take them into account in everything you do.

This often means travelling at a slower pace than you may be used to, usually taking a lot more stuff, making adjustments to your accommodation choices, or even basing your choice of destination on what works best for your family at that time. 

Not that any of this has to be a bad thing! Travelling as a family has allowed us to watch Baby B change and grow because of his different surroundings. We’ve created amazing travel memories and will always 

Family Travel Gear

Travelling with kids means lots more stuff. Of course, you can try to limit it to the essentials but we’ve found even the must-haves means a whole lot more gear! 

Having a baby carrier of some sort was a life-saver for us through many airports, not to mention our portable black-out curtain, travel bottle warmer, and massive car-seat travel bag. 

But you can read more about all our favourite travel gear for babies here!

Baby and Dad on a ferry

Some top family travel destinations

New Zealand

I’m going to be biased and say New Zealand is a great family travel destination… because it is!

There’s tons to do for the whole family, lots of outdoor activities/places to burn off kids energy, family-friendly accommodation like cabins at campgrounds and motels with kitchens and swimming pools, I could go on! 


We took Baby B on a package holiday to Greece when he was 9 months old and it was one of our favourite family holidays. Rather than all-inclusive we chose to have breakfast only and an apartment with a kitchen. It turned out not to be well-stocked but the fridge was invaluable and the stove-top for steralising bottles. 

However, the main thing was that we all had a great time! Baby B loved swimming and we got to go every day in the pool or the sea. All the servers at restaurants and hotel staff doted on him and it was easy to eat out with him as they made it really enjoyable. It was hot but we were able to get out in the morning and the evening which suited us just fine as he napped in the middle of the day anyway.

I would definitely recommend Greece as a family-friendly destination! 


I think anywhere can be family-friendly, if you prepare for it. Choose your accommodation to suit your family needs, be aware of what activities there are you can all do, pack for the conditions, not unlike you would for yourself anyway!

I started this travel site before I had a family and we started travelling together so not all my itineraries and guides are family-specific, however, they still give plenty of information to can help you to plan your trip!

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