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Scotland Travel Guide

Welcome to Scotland!

Scotland is my home away from home! Known for its beautiful scenery, castles, whisky, and haggis. And oh so much more! Whether you visit one of the bigger cities, small charming towns, the highlands, islands, or borders, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve made Scotland my home after travelling around the world, and I couldn’t be happier!

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Scotland Essentials

Currency: Pounds (GBP)

Language: English (with Gaelic spoken in some places, particularly the Western Isles)

Accommodation: A bed in a hostel can range from about £15-20 and upwards. A double or twin room in a hotel or B&B will usually range from £50 and upwards, with the cities being more expensive and reaching over £100. Airbnb is available all over the country.

Food: I think Scottish food is seriously underrated! Eating out can be very reasonable with pub meals costing around £15 or sometimes even cheaper. A nicer restaurant will usually average about £20, and of course, there are more expensive options too! Try a Scottish breakfast, which includes potato scones (a flatbread kind of like a naan or roti bread, made from potato), and often haggis. If you want an easy way to try it I suggest haggis bonbons, which are small balls of haggis coated in breadcrumbs and usually with a dipping sauce. Irn Bru is a sweet orange soft drink that is the number one soft drink in Scotland, with sales even higher than Coke!

Transport: There are bus and rail links across the whole country, and beyond to England. Buses are usually a cheaper option than trains unless you book further in advance. There are also ferries servicing the islands. It’s advisable to book in the summer months, especially if you want to take a car on the ferry.

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