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Hiking Beinn na Lap – My First Munro

I didn’t know what a Munro was before I moved to Scotland, and now I’m determined to climb them all…

Beinn na Lap was the first Munro I climbed and the start of a journey to climb 282 in total.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Munros are mountains in Scotland that are at least 3000 ft, or 914.4 metres and are on the Scottish Mountaineering Club’s official list of Munros.

Some of these are simpler climbs of around 3-4 hours, but others are much more challenging. Sometimes multiple Munros are climbed in one day too!

The tallest Munro is obviously Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK. But some are basically rock climbs where, unless you’re experienced yourself, you’ll want a guide with you.

However, they’re definitely not an impossible feat, despite the intimidating name of the Inaccessible Pinnacle on top of Sgùrr Dearg, one of 12 munros on the Isle of Skye.

Where is Beinn na Lap?

Beinn na Lap is essentially in the middle of nowhere, so you’ll need to make a purposeful trip to climb this Munro.

Luckily, however, it is also in the vicinity of the lovely Loch Ossian Hostel, one of my favourite places to stay in Scotland.

Loch Ossian Hostel - Corrour Station

Both are on the Corrour Estate and can be reached by foot or bicycle, and by taking a train to the most remote station in the UK, Corrour Station.

Beinn na Lap means dappled hill, and I certainly saw it looking like it in a beautiful sunset on my second night at the Loch Ossian Hostel, which is nestled within some trees at the western end of the loch.

I’d highly recommend a stay at the hostel when you want to attempt Beinn na Lap, and there are also a couple of other Munros in the area, plus other mountains you might be interested in climbing.

You can see this post about the hostel for more details. In fact, it’s even possible to do three Munros in one day from the hostel, but I just stuck to this one as it was my first attempt!

There are also holiday cottages at the east end of the loch which can give you car access to the private roads that run alongside it and means, technically, you can drive to the start of the track.

I think there’s something romantic about a place that is only accessible on foot, however, and preferred to get there by train and walking.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Beinn na Lap Walk Details

  • Height: 935m
  • Distance: 10km
  • Time: 3-5 hours
  • Map: OS Explorer 385
  • Starting Point: Corrour Train Station, or the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel

Since you’re already starting from 400 metres above sea level, it’s a much easier ascent than some munros!

From the station, you can follow the track that stretches east from next to Corrour Station House. It’s essentially a gravel road.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Before you reach the hostel, branch left and then left again before leaving the gravel track and heading up the boggy path that goes up the west of the Beinn na Lap ridge. It’s generally pretty clear to see.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

From there, you’re heading straight up to the ridgeline. Be sure to take some breaks and turn around to see the views back over the loch.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Once you reach the top of the ridge, you ease right to travel along it, and it’s actually less steep up to the summit. You’ll go over a few lumps before you see the summit cairn.

There’s a small lochan just before the final small upward stretch. I went to the left of it, but many trail maps say to go right. It’s rocky, so you might lose the path at this point.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Take some time to enjoy the views or shelter next to the cairn if the weather isn’t so good! It started raining right when I reached the top, but it was surprisingly sheltered, and I enjoyed my lunch while it cleared.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

The easiest way to return is via the same route. However, some choose to take on the challenge of completing the Sgor Gaibhre and Carn Dearg Munros on the same day!

It took me 3 hours and 45 minutes from the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel, which is a slightly shorter journey than from Corrour Station. That was with multiple stops to take photos, taking my time, and at least 30 minutes for lunch.

Where to Stay

Loch Ossian Hostel

As mentioned, I can highly recommend the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel. It’s run by hostelling Scotland and reminds me very much of backcountry huts found across New Zealand.

There’s a communal kitchen and dining area with a wood fire, flanked on either side by a female and male dorm. Each one of those has a bathroom with a hot shower and sinks, while the compost toilets are located out the back of the hostel.

It’s all designed to be eco-friendly, running off wind power and with grey water drainage into a reed bed.

You can swim in the loch if you wish and head up to the Corrour Station for meals or make your own within the hostel.

Read more about my experience at Loch Ossian Hostel here.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Corrour Station House

This restaurant and B&B is located literally right next to the station. The Signal Box accommodation is literally on the platform!

There are three double bedrooms sleeping 2 in each, a cosy communal sitting area, and a drying room.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant at the Station House, and you’re in the perfect location for walking in the area, including for Beinn na Lap.

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Corrour Estate Cottages

There are three holiday cottages located in picturesque locations at the eastern end of Loch Ossian. Access is via a private track, and this is the only way you can bring a car onto the estate.

Rannoch Station

You can stay in B&B rooms at the station here also, where the Tea Room is supposed to be amazing! I’m definitely going to visit next time I’m up this way.

If you’re looking for a beginner Munro, then I’d highly recommend Beinn na Lap!

Beinn na Lap - Climbing Munro Scotland - Munro Bagging Scotland

Sonja x

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