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Camping in Cinque Terre: The Best Sites

Cinque Terre is a stunningly beautiful part of Italy. The five villages perched on the hills cascading down to the sea is a view that’s hard to beat, and exploring their colourful alleys is definitely worth a trip.

However, sometimes accommodation can be expensive, so you may be looking for a more budget option, like camping. On the other hand, maybe you just want the experience of camping in a beautiful spot! Whichever it is, there are some great options for camping near Cinque Terre.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Can you camp in Cinque Terre?

Camping within the Cinque Terre National Park itself is not allowed. The park authorities do not permit any form of wild camping or camping outside of designated campsites. However, there are several campsites located near Cinque Terre, as seen below.

The Best Campsites in Cinque Terre

These are our favourites that make visiting Cinque Terre easy, but allow you to escape the busy area and go back to your accommodation close by.

Camping La Sfinge

This campsite is located in Deiva Marina, about 15 minutes away from Cinque Terre by train, between there and Portofino.

It offers spacious pitches for tents and campervans, as well as bungalows and mobile homes. The campsite has a minimarket, laundry room, and a shuttle service to the train station.

The views from the campsite are stunning, with the Ligurian mountains in the background.

Prices are from €7 for a tent up to €95 for a mobile home in high season.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Camping Valdeiva

Also located in Deiva Marina between Portofino and Cinque Terre, this campsite offers shaded pitches for tents and campervans, as well as bungalows and mobile homes.

The campsite has a swimming pool, a bar-restaurant, a playground, pizzeria, hot showers, washing machine, and a shuttle service to the train station.

Prices range from €10 per person per night for a tent pitch up to €70 per night for a bungalow in the village part of the campsite.

It is set in a peaceful valley surrounded by olive groves and vineyards and is just a short train ride away from Cinque Terre.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Camping Smeraldo

Located in a pinewood overlooking the sea, this campsite is a lovely place to stay while exploring the nearby Cinque Terre and other places in the surrounding region.

It’s open from March to November and is about an hour from Cinque Terre by car, 800 metres from the village of Moneglia and 1 kilometre from the train station to Cinque Terre.

It offers tent pitches, caravans, and bungalows with sea views. Tent pitches are from €40 per pitch, and bungalows are from €100 per night. The camp village contains a small supermarket, games room, bar, pizzeria, restaurant, and laundry facilities, and you can rent canoes and paddleboards.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Camping Degli Ulivi

Located in Deiva Marina on typical Ligurian terracing, this campsite is just 100 metres from the sea and is 25 minutes by train to Cinque Terre.

It offers tent pitches and bungalows and has dishwashing, laundry, and bathroom facilities, a children’s play area and a games area.

Prices for pitches start at €13 in the high season and for Bungalows from €80.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Camping River

This campsite is located just 500 metres from the village of Ameglia, near the border between Liguria and Tuscany.

It offers pitches for tents and campervans, as well as bungalows, mobile homes and gambling tents.

The campsite has a bar-restaurant and is situated on the banks of the Magra River, offering beautiful views of the surrounding hills and countryside.

Facilities include a children’s playground, a sports field, two large swimming pools, a mini market and a bar-restaurant. You can also hire both bikes and boats from the campsite.

Mobile homes house 4-6 and are from €100 a night, pre-built large tents hold 4-8 and are from €140 a night, and tent pitches are from €14 per night for 2 adults.

It is about a 40-minute drive from Cinque Terre, so further than other options but still a great place to stay to explore Cinque Terre and more of the area around it.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Camping Mare Monti

This campsite is located in Sestri Levante, about 30 minutes away from Cinque Terre by train.

It offers pitches for tents and campervans, as well as glamping and mobile homes. Tents are from €28, glamping from €60, and mobile homes from €70.

The campsite has two swimming pools, a bar-restaurant, a mini-market, a laundromat, and a seaside shuttle. It is situated on a hill surrounded by olive groves, with views of the sea and the mountains.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Camping Acqua Dolce

This campsite is located near Levanto, close to the western edge of Cinque Terre national park and with easy distance by train. It is smaller than some of the other campsites but offers pitches for tents and campervans.

Tent pitches are from €31 and campervans from €43.

The campsite has a winery with a small restaurant, a playground, hot running water, laundry and refrigerator service and a picnic area.

It is situated in a pine forest just a short walk from the beach. You can hire bikes, boats, canoes, surfboards, and windsurfing boards just outside the campground.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Iron Gate Holiday Park

The Iron Gate Holiday Park is located in Sarzana inside the Marina 3b Tourist Port at the La Spezia end of Cinque Terre. It is about an hour by car or train.

They offer tent pitches, mobile homes, and bungalows. There’s entertainment and a playground, a minimarket, laundry, boat rental, and free wifi. Tent pitches are from €27 and bungalows from €100.

Campsite website here.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Tips for Camping in Cinque Terre

Make reservations in advance

During peak season, campsites in Cinque Terre can fill up quickly. It’s best to make reservations in advance to ensure that you have a spot to camp.

Pack for all weather conditions

The weather in Cinque Terre can be unpredictable, with sudden changes in temperature and rainfall. Make sure to pack for all weather conditions, including rain gear and warm clothing, as it can be chilly by the sea at night.

Use public transportation

Cinque Terre is a car-free zone, and parking can be difficult and expensive. It’s best to use public transportation, such as trains or buses, to get around the area.

Respect the environment

Cinque Terre is a protected national park, and it’s important to respect the environment. Follow the “leave no trace” principle and clean up after yourself. Don’t litter, and use the designated trash and recycling bins.

Bring insect repellent

Mosquitoes and other insects can be common in the area. Bring insect repellent to avoid getting bitten.

Be mindful of noise levels

Many campsites have quiet hours in the evening. Be mindful of noise levels and avoid disturbing other campers.

Check the campsite facilities

Make sure to check the campsite facilities, such as showers and toilets, before booking. Some campsites may have limited facilities or require additional fees for certain amenities.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Can You Camp Outside of the Cinque Terre National Park Area?

Yes, you can camp OUTSIDE of the Cinque Terre National Park area. There are several campsites located near the Cinque Terre region but outside the boundaries of the national park. Our favourites are listed above.

While these campsites are not within the Cinque Terre National Park, they still offer convenient access to the area’s attractions and activities. They often have a range of facilities and amenities, including showers, toilets, and laundry facilities. Some campsites may also offer additional amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and restaurants.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Other Budget Accommodation Options in Cinque Terre:


There are several hostels located throughout the Cinque Terre region, offering affordable accommodations for budget-conscious travellers. Some popular hostels include 5 Terre Backpackers in Manarola, La Casa di Venere in Vernazza, Ostello Tramonti in Biassa, Ostello Corniglia in Corniglia, and Ostello Porto Venere in Portovenere.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts are another affordable accommodation option in Cinque Terre. These small guesthouses offer a comfortable and homey atmosphere, often with breakfast included. Some popular bed and breakfasts include La Torretta Lodge in Levanto and Affittacamere Le Terrazze in Riomaggiore.

Apartments and Rooms for Rent

There are many apartments and rooms for rent in Cinque Terre, offering a budget-friendly option for travellers since they usually have a kitchen. Some popular options include Il Centro Guesthouse in Vernazza and Appartamento Lavanda in Manarola.

Camping in Cinque Terre

5 Best Things to Do on a Budget in Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre is known for its stunning coastal hiking trails, which offer beautiful views of the coastline and surrounding countryside. Many of the trails are free and accessible to all, making hiking one of the best budget-friendly activities in the area. Some trails within the park require a paid permit and you can see the tourist information centre for these.


Cinque Terre has several beautiful beaches, including the secluded Guvano Beach and the popular Monterosso Beach. Most of the beaches are free to access, making them a great option for budget-conscious travellers.

Local Markets

Cinque Terre has several local markets where visitors can sample and purchase fresh local produce, cheese, and wine. These markets offer a glimpse into the local culture and are a great place to find budget-friendly souvenirs.

Museums and Historical Sites

While some museums and historical sites in Cinque Terre charge an admission fee, there are several that are free to access, such as the Ethnographic Museum in Vernazza and the Castle of Riomaggiore.

Exploring the Villages

The five villages of Cinque Terre are each unique and offer plenty of opportunities for budget-friendly exploration. Visitors can wander the narrow streets, admire the colourful houses, and take in the stunning sea views. Exploring the villages is a great way to experience the local culture and atmosphere without spending a lot of money.

Camping in Cinque Terre

Enjoy your stay in this amazing location!

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