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MM Monthly Thoughts: April 2017

In the spirit of keeping things real on the blog and giving you an insight into the behind the scenes of travel blogging and expat life I write a monthly thoughts round up series. It usually covers destinations I’ve been to, posts of the month and general stuff. Thoughts on what you want to know more of about expat life or travel are most welcome. And please share your month with me too! 

It’s about to be May, which means I’m about to get married. What?!

I always knew April would be jam packed and full of things to do, but this is just a little crazy. There’s been festivals, (attempting) to learn to drive a manual, a weekend away, dress fittings, pre-wedding photoshoots, what feels like never ending wedding planning, starting a new freelancing contract and all the usual work that comes with running a travel blog. How can one month feel so long and so short at the same time?!

MM Monthly Thoughts April 2017 - Expat Life

Destinations of the month

Edinburgh – 26 Days

It’s been another Edinburgh based month, which isn’t unusual given all the things I’ve had to do! Apart from one weekend away and a couple of teeny day trips there’s been no major travels to note. Luckily Edinburgh in springtime is one of the best times of the year, so it’s been a great month of remembering why I love it so much.

London – 4 Days

EB and I went to his cousins wedding at a beautiful venue in the south of England, and the weather definitely turned it on for the weekend! It felt like it could be the middle of summer. Here’s hoping for the same in a week!

It’s always interesting to see the difference between Edinburgh and London, and while it was an unseasonably warm weekend I also noticed the blossoms were out more than a month before in London and people definitely dress in different clothes!

I wasn’t technically in London for the whole four days, but I did fly in and out of Heathrow. I would actually need to look at a map to see where we were, because I’m not entirely sure! I mentioned I’m a travel blogger right…


MM Monthly Thoughts April 2017 - Expat Life

MM Monthly Thoughts April 2017 - Expat Life

Highlights of the month

I get antsy if I’m in one place for too long and I always need to have some kind of adventure to change things up. Going away for a weekend was really refreshing, but I also had some great new experiences in Edinburgh.

I spent much of the first two weeks of the month going to different events at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Tea and cheese tasting were definitely highlights!

Despite the stress that planning a wedding can bring I have managed to enjoy some of it, especially the dress part and the fact my bridesmaids have arrived from Australia and New Zealand! I love having the opportunity to see so many people I haven’t seen in a long time and slow them a little slice of my new home.

MM Monthly Thoughts April 2017 - Expat Life

Lowlights of the month

Wedding stuff might be a highlight but it’s also a lowlight. Sometimes it’s really hard to take a step back and go “does this really matter at the end of the day?” but if we do manage it, then we usually find that it doesn’t! That’s been the key question of the month.

We bought a car at the end of March and I’ve been so excited for it because it means we’ll be able to have lots of micro adventures around the UK. Except that I never learnt to properly drive a manual car in New Zealand and that’s almost all that people drive in the UK.

I thought learning would be easier than it has been since I’ve been driving for so long, but it’s actually been awful! Although I do have to laugh at stalling 5 times attempting to leave a paid parking lot. Luckily the barrier didn’t crash down on me!

Popular Migrating Miss Posts from April

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This was unexpectedly my most popular post of the month, given that this isn’t exactly a couple blog, or a wedding blog or anything even like it. I do think planning a wedding as an expat can have an extra sort of challenge though, and I loved how people shared their experiences of planning wedding abroad with me as a result.

The Best Things to Do in Edinburgh During Spring

This one isn’t such a surprise, since Edinburgh in spring is really beautiful! Plus there’s lots of great things to do at this time of year.

MM Monthly Thoughts April 2017 - Expat Life

Behind Closed Doors: Why May is the Best Time to Visit Córdoba, Spain

It’s almost time for one of my favourite festivals in Spain! Los Patios takes place in Córdoba in May, and it’s a feast for the senses. If you’re travelling in Spain during May then I highly recommend Córdoba!

Other posts you might have missed

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MM Monthly Thoughts April 2017 - Expat Life

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Inspiration this month

Despite all the distractions this month I’ve been more productive than ever in working on this blog and freelancing. I’ve found Leah at The Sweetest Way to be a great inspiration for building a location independent lifestyle, and I’d highly recommend checking out her blog if you want to work and travel, or just work and have the freedom to travel whenever you like!

How did your month go? Let me know! 

Sonja x

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