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35 Best Places to Travel Solo

Best places to travel solo

I’ve travelled to lots of destinations on my own and had some of my best trips travelling solo. Choosing the best places to travel solo isn’t easy, since there really isn’t anywhere that you couldn’t travel alone if you really wanted to! So I asked my fellow travel bloggers to give me their favourite solo travel destinations, with specific reasons on why they’re perfect for solo travellers or on how to make a solo trip to that place better. 

Here’s our list of the best places to travel alone! Some are whole countries and some are more specific regions or cities, based on our own experiences of why they make awesome solo travel trips!


Of course, I had to include my home country as one of the best places to travel solo! Scotland is a stunningly beautiful destination with interesting historical cities, quaint villages, stunning beaches, plenty of hikes and lots of amazing islands to visit. There are also plenty of different options for travelling solo in Scotland.

If you only have a few days then staying in a hostel in Edinburgh and/or Glasgow and taking some organised day tours would be the way to go. For those with more time to travel then you can join one of my excellent organised tours, depending on your area of interest, or even take public transport. Hiring a car is also an option but not as budget-friendly when you’re travelling on your own.

There are hostels all over the country (I recommend Hostelling Scotland properties) as well as B&Bs or Airbnb where you can stay with a local to gain more knowledge of the area too. 

Solo Travel Destinations: Woman standing on sand dune in Scotland


By Rai from A Rai of Light

There’s no denying that a visit to this Mediterranean island will encompass unique experiences, fine food, friendly locals, beautiful landscapes, and a good mix of cultures and languages. There are a whole lot of things to do in Malta!

Fortunately, it’s also a destination that is ideally suited for the solo traveller. As one of the safest countries in the world, it makes exploring the country a welcome experience. Public transportation is cheap and you’re able to get to most places on the island.

Due to its strategic location in the centre of the Mediterranean, the country has a rich past and is ideal for history lovers. Adventure lovers will enjoy exploring the coastal areas, diving in the abundant waters, or partaking in the numerous activities on offer at any time of the year. Malta is a year-round destination even while the rest to Europe experiences less than ideal weather, particularly during the winter months.

Don’t miss a visit to Valetta, Mdina, Balutta Bay, the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk, just to name a few places. Expect to find a wide variety of accommodation options, including hostels that are great for solo travellers. The best part is that all of this comes at an affordable price, with prices often comparable to backpacking in other Mediterranean countries.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Malta


By Sean from Living Out Lau

A country containing rich culture, stunning landscapes, and travel-friendly accommodations, it is surprising that Guatemala doesn’t receive the amount of tourism it deserves. When I was solo backpacking Guatemala, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the country is and how easy it was to travel solo. Some of the biggest worries of travelling solo in a foreign country are definitely safety, transportation, and accommodation.

Guatemala usually gets a reputation for being a dangerous country to travel, but that is far from the truth. Guatemalans are generally nice people but if you give them an easy opportunity to pickpocket you for an iPhone that’s worth two months of their salary, it is not surprising that they would. After all, Guatemala is a fairly poor country and a lot of the citizens live under the poverty line. If you don’t give them an easy opportunity by being under-the-influenced and flashing your electronics around, it is easy to stay safe in Guatemala.

For solo travellers, the quality of hostels will make or break your experience. Luckily for you, the hostels in Guatemala are some of the best and affordable I have been to in two years of travelling. The hostels in the city of Antigua, such as Barbara’s Boutique Hostel and Adra Hostel, are jaw-dropping hostels in terms of decor and comfort. You don’t even need to pay more than $15USD per night!

However, that is not my favourite part of Guatemala. There are a total of 37 volcanoes in Guatemala and one of them is Volcano Acatenango. By hiking Volcano Acatenango, you can see the nearby Volcano Fuego erupt with your own eyes! It was such an unforgettable experience!

Best Places to Travel Solo - Guatemala


By Emily from Wander-Lush

Budget-friendly, compact and extremely safe, Slovenia is one of the top countries in Europe for solo travel. Between the museums and markets of Ljubljana, the capital, hiking in the Julian Alps and skipping between quaint villages on the Adriatic coast, this Balkan nation has something for everyone.

At just 20,000-square-kilometres, Slovenia is petite and very easy to get around, whether you choose to hire a car or use buses and trains. Travelling between Ljubljana and Lake Bled – two of Slovenia’s must-sees – takes less than an hour by car. In a short period of time, you can see a large slice of the country. Apart from the capital and the iconic lake, other highlights include the gorges, caves and castles in the centre of the country. Piran on the coast is every bit as charming as Dubrovnik but without the crowds.

There are plenty of free walking tours in the capital and organised hiking and caving expeditions in rural Slovenia, so you’re never alone if you don’t want to be. Hostels are a great place to meet other travellers on the fly, and Slovenia has a multitude of boutique-style budget accommodations. For something quirky, the chic Hostel Celica Art in Ljubljana is set inside a former prison, with each room designed by a different local artist.

Slovenia is a very affordable destination, especially considering its location. Expect to pay significantly less for accommodation, food and wine compared to neighbouring Austria or Italy (without compromising at all on quality). Rental cars are also cheap, from as little as €13/day.

English is ubiquitous so the language barrier is virtually non-existent, and Slovenia is known for being very safe. In fact, it was recently named one of the top eight safest places in the world for travellers by International SOS alongside Switzerland and the Nordic countries.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Slovenia

Copenhagen, Denmark

By Derek from Everything Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark is a brilliant European capital, the gateway to Scandinavia and a perfect destination for solo travellers. Copenhagen is one of the cleanest and safest cities in Europe. The city centre is well-lit, walkable and easy to navigate. In Copenhagen, you’ll find one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. With the new circle line of Copenhagen metro’s, you can quickly be anywhere in the city centre in about 12 minutes.

Copenhagen is also a bike-friendly city with more bikes than cars in the city centre and popular bike rental companies. Most hotels even offer bikes to their guests so it’s easy to get around the city without paying taxi fare for one person. In fact, be careful about taking a taxi at all – they start at the rate of 199 Danish Krone or about 30 USD!

Solo travellers have a number of great hostels to choose from and make new travelling friends. One of the most popular is CPH Downtown Hostel. Besides affordable lodging, they have a great bar and disco where even locals are known to visit. You’ll find Copenhagen to be a fantastic nightlife destination where there’s always a bar open 24 hours a day.

There are many things to do in Copenhagen that are perfectly suited for solo exploration. With stunning royal palaces like Amalienborg Castle and Rosenborg Castle in the city, they make great places to start. Amalienborg is the home of Denmark’s royal family and if you visit at noon you can witness the changing of the guard. Rosenborg is a museum dedicated to Danish history from pre-Christian kings to today’s ruler, Queen Margrethe II. You can also visit the Danish Design Museum for some Nordic design inspiration. Lastly, stop at the National Museum which gives you an overview of Denmark’s glorious history.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Copenhagen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By Elena from Passion for Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest developing and vibrant cities in the world. Commonly referred to as the New York of the Middle East, Dubai is also one of the safest cities to visit as a solo traveller. Dubai has an enormous expat community and meeting new people is easy in Dubai.

Dubai is designed for all tastes and budgets, accommodation ranges from hostels, apartments, mid-range hotels to stunning resorts as well as the famous 7-star hotel, the iconic Burj Al Arab. The city hosts a series of events and festivals throughout the year, from world-class performances of music, dance and many others. Many sporting events also take place in Dubai and the city is also designed for outdoor enthusiasts. If shopping is your favourite pastime, the Dubai Shopping Festival which takes place for a month January/February is the ideal time of year to visit Dubai.

Dubai is a city that is proud of its architectural achievements, it is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, it is also known for its biggest malls like the Dubai Mall which is an attraction of its own. If taking photos is something which you fancy, Dubai offers plenty of Instagram worthy opportunities, and one of its highlights is the Dubai Miracle Garden. Whether you are visiting Dubai on a layover or for 7 days, your Dubai itinerary is guaranteed to be an exiting one.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Dubai

Innsbruck, Austria

By Michele from The Intrepid Guide

Hop on a quick 90-minute flight from London and you’ll be whisked above a gorgeous landscape of snow-capped peaks as you come into land in the charming Alpine city of Innsbruck. Located in Western Austria, Innsbruck is just as easy to navigate as it is to get to. From the airport, a 20-minute bus ride will take you into the Altstadt (Old Town) where the majority of Innsbruck’s attractions are located within a 1-kilometre radius. Innsbruck is a very walkable city but it also has an excellent transport system with trams and buses around the centre and a large train network connecting to other Austrian and neighbouring European countries.

Whenever I visited Innsbruck, I’ve found the locals to be very approachable, friendly and helpful which definitely makes me feel safe travelling solo. For example, on a recent trip, a returning local who I met at the airport helped me get the right bus into town, taught me some local Tyrolean dialect on the ride into town, then pointed me in the right direction when I got off the bus. Now we’re friends on Instagram!

The best things to do in Innsbruck including climbing the Stadtturm (Town Tower) for panoramic views over the Old City, take the Gondola up to Seegrube for epic views over the entire city and valley, grab an apple strudel at the rooftop restaurant at Bergisel Ski Jump, explore the Ambras Castle and learn about the Habsburg Dynasty, and last but not least, take a trip to Wattens to visit Swarovski Kristallwelten, the home of Swarovski Crystals.

Innsbruck is an excellent all-year-round destination and a great place for anyone who loves winter sports. One of the best things about Innsbruck is that with all its attractions, none of them are so busy that you can’t enjoy your time. The only exception might be Swarovski Kristallwelten in which case I recommend visiting in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Innsbruck is an affordable city with plenty of hotel and Airbnb options with winter being a cheaper time to visit. There are a few hostels, but you would get better value for money by staying in an Airbnb.

The Best Places to Travel Solo - Innsbruck

Bali, Indonesia

By Mel from Nomad Life 101

Bali is a popular destination for solo travellers, and with good reason. It offers great food, accessible transport and a range of activities. It has beautiful beaches, surfing, yoga, temples, waterfalls, volcano treks… the list goes on and on. Bali attracts plenty of travellers, making it is easy to meet people. Booking a day trip or a class, such as cooking or surfing, is a sure way to meet new people who share a similar interest.

There are a great number of hostels to stay in, which is always a great and easy way to meet people. You can assume travellers who stay in a hostel, have a similar mindset to each other and are open to making friends. You can also opt for a more cultural experience and stay in a homestay, where you can experience the Balinese hospitality. If you’re after a more luxurious stay, there are plenty of hotels, many including a spa and pool, and all for a reasonable price.

Bali is not dangerous but like visiting any new place, you should be smart and stay alert. There is petty theft such as bag snatching and scams, such as ATM skimming but if you are aware of your surroundings these can be avoided. You can join an expat Bali Facebook group to stay up to date on the latest crimes or safety issues. These groups are also useful to learn about any events happening in the area. Lastly, be careful at night – try to find a buddy to travel with so you are not walking alone.

Bali is what you make of it – you can stick to the main touristy areas or venture out to explore the quieter places – either way, there is something for everyone.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Bali

New Zealand

Despite being a more expensive destination, New Zealand is popular with backpackers and has lots of options for solo travellers on a budget. You can either make your own way around the country, travelling by public transport and basing yourself in different places and doing activities or day trips there, or you can join something like Haka Tours or Kiwi Experience who will take care of the transport for you too. 

Hostels are the best budget option for solo travellers in New Zealand because they give you the opportunity to meet people but also mean you can shop at the local supermarket and prepare your own meals, which will save you a lot of money that you can spend on adventure activities like Black Water Rafting or Glacier Hiking instead! 

New Zealand is known as a relatively safe travel destination, but you should still be vigilant with your personal items and keep yourself safe at night by not walking in dark areas alone, and if you do want to hitchhike, which some travellers choose to do, it’s better to do so with another person you’ll hopefully meet on your travels. 

Best Places to Travel Solo - New Zealand

Berlin, Germany

By Amelie from Mostly Amelie

The cool capital of Germany has been known for its promotional slogan “poor but sexy” for many years now. And that, my Tinder-happy friends, should be a great appeal to visit Berlin on your own in an out of itself!

Berlin is many things, and amongst this, it is well known for being a party town. The nightlife is vibrant, goes on ’round the clock, and the city’s “anything goes” attitude is welcoming, embracing, and accepting. Public nudity and bonker-style architecture are the backdrops to many techno parties, so nobody will bat an eye at a solo traveller queuing at the door of a club. Rather, it’s preferred. And since there are so many others entering clubs solos, making friends in Berlin is easy!

What’s better still, visiting Berlin is comparatively cheap next to other European capitals. You’ll find hotels at all price range, but a dorm bed could set you back as little as 10 to 12€. Meals around 10€ are also easy to find. And for those into this, Berlin is the vegan capital of Europe.

Once you’re well dined, and not at all rested from a night of partying, there are many free things to do in Berlin, including the East Side Gallery, Holocaust Memorial, Reichstag Dome, Brandenburg Gate, many fantastic parks (including the fun Mauer Park Karaoke Pit on Sunday) and some free walking tours.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Berlin


Travelling solo in Spain is possible pretty much possible anywhere within the country. There are good and affordable bus, train, or flight connections between the major cities, and it’s easy to base yourself somewhere and do a lot of day trips. For example, try Barcelona and explore the Costa Brava from there, or Granada and the Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras. There’s also a carsharing platform called Bla Bla Car where you can grab a cheap ride from place to place. 

While you don’t need to speak Spanish to travel in Spain, at least a few words can be useful in less touristy areas like Almeria. There are plenty of hostels across the country or hotels are affordable in many places too. 

One of my favourite ever solo trips was to Andalucia in the south of Spain, where I visited the amazing cities of Granada and Seville, and took part in a work exchange in the Spanish countryside with other solo travellers. 

BEst Places to Travel Solo - Spain

Coron, The Philippines

By Tara from Tara Lets Anywhere

Coron is one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia, and it’s great for solo travellers too! This is actually where I took my first solo trip and I’ve been confident in solo travelling after my amazing experience here.

Coron is part of the province of Palawan, Philippines. Here are the reasons it’s good for solo travel.

First, it’s easily accessible. Coron isn’t as developed yet as other places like Boracay or El Nido, but it’s easy to get there — just take a flight to its local airport and then a public transport to the town proper. The town is small so you won’t get lost. A lot of establishments are walking distance from each other or you can flag down a motorbike or tricycle to take you where you need to go.

Second, it’s budget-friendly. There are budget inns and hostels designed for solo tourists and there are joiner tours for island hopping and inland explorations too. Booking everything is easy.

Third, it’s easy to meet people — whether it’s in a beachside restaurant & bar or tours. Usually, the locals go in groups but they are welcoming & friendly and can give you assistance or advice if needed. There are also lots of solo backpackers here as well.

The main activity in Coron is island hopping where you’ll get to see beautiful islands, lagoons and lakes. In particular, Kayangan Lake and the viewpoint with Coron Bay isn’t to be missed. There is also a hot spring nearby where you can relax after a day of swimming, snorkelling or diving.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Coron


By Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan

Mongolia is surprisingly a great destination to travel to on your own and meet up with fellow travellers. This is because almost everyone who comes to Mongolia ends up joining one of the small group tours arranged by the many guesthouses in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. It’s usually pretty easy to find fellow travellers at your guesthouse who are willing to split the cost of a tour. Since the country is so sparsely populated, there’s no public transport to most of the places of interest in Mongolia.

For this reason, a tour really does make the most sense, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Budget tours typically go for about $65 per day, and you may be able to haggle for a bit less. Keep in mind that, at this price, you should expect very basic facilities. You will probably be sleeping with local nomadic families in their spare ger (yurt). You’ll have a bed, a makeshift squat toilet, and blankets to keep you warm at night, but that’s about it. Showers will only be available every three to four days, if that.

If you want a few more creature comforts, then you’ll need to spend a bit more. But even on higher-end tours, don’t expect luxury in Mongolia. The majority of Mongolians are nomadic herders who live in communion with nature, so you’ll need to adapt to their way of life while you’re there. Indeed, along with the Gobi Desert and the country’s other sights of natural beauty, experiencing the nomadic way of life is one of the main highlights of a trip to Mongolia. As you might expect, the local diet is extremely meat-heavy, and on most tours, vegetarian and vegan options are quite limited. If you’re veggie (or if you just don’t want to eat fatty mutton for every meal), I recommend booking a tour with Vegan Travel Mongolia, a local company that offers delicious plant-based meals on their tours.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Mongolia

South East Asia

Travelling solo in South-East Asia is a great way to experience the area. When I travelled solo in Thailand I found it easy to meet people either in hostels (you can still choose a private room if you want) out in bars or restaurants, on day tours, or even while taking a bus or train to my next destination! Backpackers in South-East Asia tend to follow similar travel routes, so it’s easy to connect with a group of people and find yourselves travelling around together. 

Accommodation and travel are really affordable, so you can splash out a bit on some luxury if you like or stay in hostels with other like-minded travellers. There are plenty of adventure activities to do or you can relax at a beautiful beach or jungle destination. 

Each country has it’s own culture, so visiting Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos gave me different experiences and I would highly recommend trying to include all of them if you have the time! 

Best Places to Travel Solo - South East Asia

Kerala, India

By Sapna from My Simple Sojourn

Kerala is one of my favourite destinations solo travel in India. As a solo female traveller, I felt quite safe there. There are so many interesting things to do and places to visit in Kerala. Kerala has direct flights from most Indian and several international cities. It is very well connected with other Indian cities through the railway network.

Kerala is blessed with nature’s beauty and that’s why also known as God’s own country. This beautiful state of India is on the South Western coast of India. Kerala has serene beaches, hill towns, tea gardens, lakes, and most importantly backwaters. There is almost everything in Kerala for a nature lover.

Kerala is a perfect destination for a solo female traveller in India. The people are friendly and helpful. Scams are almost negligible if you are a tourist. The literacy rate is 95% and most people understand English. This reduces the language barrier and makes travelling easier for foreign travellers. Interestingly it is one of those states of India where the female population is more than male and some communities in Kerala have matriarch systems.

The most popular places to visit in Kerala are Fort Kochi for heritage and history, Munnar for tea gardens, Thekkady for wildlife and lakes, Alleppey for its vast network of backwaters of Kerala and Varkala & Kovalam for its beaches.

The accommodation is economical and the concept of homestays is very systematic in Kerala. You can easily find a private room at 22-25 USD. If you are looking for a luxury stay then Kerala also has some of the best resorts in India. Plus the cost of food and travelling around is good too.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Kerala


By Albina from Ginger Around the Globe

Lapland lays in the northern part of Finland and it is an ideal destination for any winter enthusiast. If you like winter, there is certainly a lot of things to do. You can go for a husky safari in the middle of frozen wilderness, visit a reindeer farm, or visit Santa in Santa village. There is also a lot of places where you can try cross skying or explore frozen waterfalls and during the night, if you are lucky, you can see the northern lights.

And because Lapland is part of Finland, it is a super safe country. There are almost no crime and no danger for the solo traveller. At the same time, people are really friendly and everyone can speak English here, which makes it even nicer.
The prices in Finland are rather moderate. Not as cheap as when you are visiting Thailand but not as expensive as Australia or Iceland.

If you want to go on some tour of nature, it can cost around 150 euros. It might seem like a lot but compared to that, hotels and hostels are relatively fine, nice and always clean. I stayed in a hostel, where I paid 14 euros per night. But you can also find non-expencive hotels for solo travellers for about 40 euros with breakfast and saunas.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Lapland


Australia is a popular destination for working holiday makers and solo travellers. There’s a well-established backpacker trail along both the east and west coast, so you won’t have any trouble meeting fellow travellers if you want to. Many travellers start in Melbourne and make their way north to Sydney, the Gold Coast, and tropical far north Queensland. 

Travelling in Australia solo isn’t cheap, which is why those who are eligible often get a working holiday visa so they can supplement their travel funds as they need to, or get a job for at least some of the time while they’re there. Australia is a vast country with lots of different things to do, and stark differences between the cities and countryside or smaller towns, so you won’t run out of things to see!

Best Places to Travel Solo - Australia

Cape Town, South Africa

By Callan from Once in a Lifetime Journey

If you plan your trip right and know where you’re going, travelling solo in Cape Town in South Africa solo can be a brilliant experience. South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation due to its multicultural citizens. And Cape Town is a great example with its Cape-Dutch and Cape-Malay heritage. There are Blue Flag beaches, world-renowned wineries, mountain treks and extreme activities galore.

Cape Town is great to travel solo as there are so many other solo travellers to meet up with. It’s so easy to pop into one of the backpackers and chat up a new friend. Cape Tonians are also pretty friendly once they open up. Tour guides are also available for great prices and in multiple languages. You can go on day tours to a safari or one of the many wineries near Cape Town. Central Cape Town is easy to get around with the MyCiti bus and Uber is everywhere. You can walk around the CBD to visit museums, art galleries, hipster coffee shops and African flea markets for your souvenir shopping.

For foreigners, Cape Town is moderate to very affordable with luxury hotels and world-class restaurants usually moderately priced. You can travel Cape Town solo in style even as a backpacker. While it is relatively safe if you stick to busy and popular areas, Cape Town is known to be quite heavy in petty crime. This is easily avoidable by not being flashy with your goods, never leaving anything on the seat of your car (stash, don’t flash) and being vigilant and confident when walking the streets. As a solo traveller, it’s best to not walk alone at night and to always know where you’re going. There are certain suburbs that are just off-limits. Do your research or get a trusted tour guide and you’ll be super safe.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Cape Town

New York City, United States

By Heather from Trimm Travels

Every year, I start my travels off with a solo trip and every year, that solo trip is to New York City. In my opinion, it is the best and most perfect destination for solo travel.

So many reasons go into forming my opinion. For starters, there are endless amounts of activities to do. No matter if it’s your first time and you want to do all the touristy places like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building or it’s your twentieth time and you are looking to do only as locals do, there is something for everyone.

NYC is quite an easy city to get around, especially in Manhattan. The streets run east/west and the avenues run north/south. If you love to walk as I do, it is heaven! Walking NYC allows you to enjoy so much more of its fantastic food scene. However, if walking isn’t your thing, there is the metro and of course, Uber and taxis.

Accommodations are plentiful in NYC. While staying in midtown is polarizing, I love it. I love starting and ending my day in the middle of the action. The central location means I can walk up to Central Park (or even the Upper West/East sides), down to Washington Square Park or over to The High Line or United Nations fairly easily!

Each year, my planning solo travel to NYC includes finding things I haven’t previously done. Since I’ve been so many times, I welcome the challenge and am amazed that I continue to find new things every year. I thoroughly love to be in the city alone as I feel safe and can truly enjoy being myself!

My favourite highlights include walking the Brooklyn Bridge, watching the sunset from One World Observatory, taking in the nighttime skyline from Top of the Rock, eating dim sum in Chinatown, and playing in the snow in Central Park.

My favourite time of year to visit NYC is at Christmastime, particularly for New Years. I highly recommend watching the ball drop without standing in the crowd at least once. However, the best time of the year to visit for crowds and prices is in February which is when I make my annual solo trip!

Best Places to Travel Solo - New York City

Medellin, Colombia

By Daniel from Layer Culture

With solo travel becoming more and more popular across all continents. Places like Medellin in Colombia are becoming more and more attractive to solo travellers. With its spring-like temperature all year round and it’s hospitable culture, a trip Medellin will quickly show you why so many solo travellers are flocking to Colombia.

With the El Poblado being the main area for the traveller who wishes to connect with others, you can either reside there for a while or find one of the many day trips from Medellin that offer excursions to one of the nearby villages. For any Coffee lover, the Eje Cafetero is also another region that attracts many solo travellers.

With big-name hotels and hostels like Selina in Medellin, it is relativity easy to get by, even if you don’t speak Spanish. You’ll find the city affordable in most cases and even in the most exclusive area, El Poblado it is relatively cheap for a night’s stay.

The city is also a very popular place to visit around Christmas as it is well known for its elaborate Christmas light show which expands year after year adding new lights in new locations. All in all, Medellin is a great place to travel solo so give it a shot the next time you’re headed to South America.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Medellin

Paris, France

Paris may be seen as the ultimate romantic destination, but it’s actually a great place for solo travellers too. There’s lots to do and see and it’s easy to get around on the metro from place to place, so you’ll be able to do whatever you want and not worry about pleasing anyone else! 

Eating out solo isn’t a problem as many places have small tables anyway, so you’re not taking up extra space. You can also grab a table outside a cafe and people watch, or get something to take away from one of the many boulangeries or patisseries. 

Of course, you’re bound to see lots of couples travelling in Paris, but add places like the Catacombs or Pere Lachaise cemetery to your Paris itinerary if it really bothers you, since they’re not exactly romantic!

Best Solo Travel Destinations - Paris France

Sri Lanka

By Josh and Sarah from Veggie Vagabonds

Travelling solo makes picking a destination, or destinations, just that little bit more important. When you’re on your own, it’s just you and the location you’re in. You experience it at its fullest and are completely absorbed in your surroundings.

Of all the countries we’ve visited, Sri Lanka really has to be an honourable mention for solo travel destinations. First of all, it’s one of the most physically stunning countries you’ll find, filled with a breathtaking variety of landscapes. Whether you’re after tropical beaches, jungle swamps or mountainous peaks, you’ll find it here.

And, these beautiful landscapes are filled with even more beauty: the wildlife. Sri Lanka is home to vast populations of elephants, leopards, monkeys, snakes, turtles, sloth bears and whales. Come during some of the elephant or whale migrating seasons and you’re in for a real spectacle.

Why is backpacking in Sri Lanka good for solo travellers? Despite its variety, Sri Lanka is a small, safe island with a very affordable and extensive transport system – you can get from north to south in a day, easily.

It’s also an awesome budget destination and you can get by on £15 a day whilst still enjoying the best the country has to offer.

Most of all though, it has to be the culture. Sri Lankans are beyond welcoming and friendly, which makes solo travel a much more enjoyable experience. There are so many traditions and festivals to explore and the food is quite simply out of this world!

Best Places to Travel Solo - Sri Lanka


Ireland is another great country to travel solo in, with its easy public transport system and affordable accommodation like hostels and B&Bs for solo travellers. You can base yourself in a city Like Dublin, Cork, or Galway and take affordable day trips around the countryside, or travel by place to place with a car or bus. Hiring a car is a much less affordable option but still possible of course. 

The pub culture means it’s easy to grab a seat at the bar and before long you’ll probably find yourself chatting to someone, even if it’s just the bartender! 

Best Places to Travel Solo - Ireland


By Ellis from Backpack Adventures

A few years ago I wouldn’t recommend Uzbekistan as one of the best places to travel solo. At that time Uzbekistan was still closed off and it was hard to get a visa. Corruption was a problem and it was best to join a tour group. A lot has changed since the new president introduced a visa-free regime for most nationalities. Uzbekistan is now a very tourist-friendly country, even for solo travellers.

For solo travellers, there is a lot to explore in Uzbekistan. From ancient forts in the Karakalpak desert to beautiful Islamic architecture in the historic Silk road cities and artisanal crafts centres in the Fergana valley. Everywhere you go are traces of Uzbekistan’s rich history.

The most beautiful cities are Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva with its mosques, madrassah’s and bazaars. It’s like travelling back in time and when you walk through the streets it’s not hard to imagine what it was like in the days of the silk road when rich merchants with their camel caravans passed through.

The best and safest way to travel through Uzbekistan is by train. Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand are now well connected with the capital by new and comfortable high-speed trains. In every city, there is enough choice in accommodation whether you want a nice boutique guesthouse or a backpackers hostel to meet other people. Uzbekistan is still relatively cheap so even a double room won’t break the bank.

Uzbekistan is also a very safe country to travel in as a solo traveller. Crime is very rare and people are very friendly and helpful. The hospitality is heartwarming at times. Even solo female travellers have not much to worry about. Uzbekistan is a Muslim country, but most people are not very strict in following the rules. Wearing modest clothes will be appreciated though.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Uzbekistan

Rome, Italy

One of my favourite ever places to travel solo is still Rome. Yes, it’s another romantic destination, but I had no problem travelling alone in Rome! I based myself in a hostel where it was easy to meet fellow travellers, but I spent most of my days out and about exploring at my own pace. There was no one else to tell me that they didn’t want to walk any further, or they wanted to eat now instead of later, or could I please stop taking a million photos and get a move on.

I could see and do everything on my Rome itinerary however and whenever I wanted. This included visits to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and all of Rome’s most popular destinations. Whenever I was hungry I often grabbed some takeaway pizza and sat on whatever steps were nearby to eat it, or I ate alone at an outside table and people watched. In the evenings I met up with hostel friends to have a few drinks or eat dinner out at a restaurant. I would visit Rome alone again in a heartbeat! 

Best Places to Travel Solo - Rome

Yunnan, China

By Anna from My Travel Scrapbook

Yunnan is one of the most beautiful provinces in China. You can hike in the Himalayan foothills, admire glacial lakes, explore ancient villages and try delicious tea in Yunnan. There are many wonderful things to see and do in the most southerly Chinese province. Yet did you know that it is also a great place to travel solo?

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Yunnan is Dali. Dali is known as a ‘hippy town’. It is very popular both with domestic tourists as well as foreign travellers. Dali is similar to other hippy towns in Asia such as Pai, Tonsai and Otres Beach. There are many things to do in Dali such as visiting Dali old town, visiting Erhai lake and seeing the magnificent golden pagodas. It is easy to make friends in Dali and in other places in Yunnan making this a great place to visit solo.

Other wonderful places to visit in Yunnan are Lijiang, Yubeng and Kunming. Lijiang has one of the most beautiful ancient water towns in all of China. Yubung is a mystical Tibetan village and can only be reached by a four-hour trek. Many of these places in Yunnan are firmly on the South China backpacking route. This is also a fairly cheap part of China to visit making it a great destination for budget solo travellers. You can find beds in hostel dorms from just 40 RMB in this province.

Try and avoid the monsoon season in Yunnan which is during the summer months. Mid-October onwards is a great time to visit to see snow-topped mountains and glorious blue skies.

You can easily join tours as a solo traveller such as a trip to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. See if you can share a lift with other hikers if you are looking to hike in Yubeng.

China is an incredibly safe country to visit as a solo traveller. Yunnan is one of the best places to visit for spectacular scenery and ease of travelling by yourself!

Best Places to Travel Solo - Yunnan China

Toronto, Canada

By Arrianne from Travel Habeat

Travelling solo cannot get any better in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. The place is easy to navigate whether by foot or by public transit as a number of renowned attractions are conveniently located next to each other. You also have the bus, subway, streetcar, and train to choose from. With a significantly low crime rate, Toronto also has the reputation of being one of the safest cities in North America.

To quickly immerse yourself into the multicultural metropolis, stay at one of the hotels or hostels in Toronto downtown. Shared dorm rooms are pretty much your cheapest option for accommodations, starting at around USD20 per night.

As diverse as its friendly people is the array of things you can do here. For the foodies out there, join a culinary tour around the historic St. Lawrence Market built since the early 19th century and previously named by National Geographic as one of the world’s best food markets. How about a castle in the city? Then head over to Casa Loma – a gothic revival castle turned museum where you can enjoy a self-guided audio tour.

Whether you’re a history buff or an art enthusiast, Toronto has something for you. Don’t miss the Royal Ontario Museum and explore more about world culture and natural history. The distinguished Art Gallery of Ontario, on the other hand, has more than 90,000 works of art to mesmerize you. If you’re yearning for a rejuvenating retreat, take the short ferry ride to Toronto Islands where you can slow down with nature.

No visit to Toronto will be complete without seeing the famous CN Tower, one of the world’s tallest free-standing structures. Experience that thrilling ascent and savour the panoramic view of the city.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Toronto

Puglia, Italy

By Nadine from Le Long Weekend

Located in the deep south of Italy, the region of Puglia shines for many reasons, not least as an excellent destination for solo travellers! Italians aren’t particularly known for their warmth towards tourists, but in Puglia (perhaps because tourism is yet to be oversaturated), they’re typically warm and friendly towards outsiders, which makes travelling alone that much more enjoyable.

Especially if you ask them to teach you how to make the local speciality – pasta! The ‘nonnas’ of Puglia will gladly show you how to make their traditional Orecchiette (little ears) pasta. You can even book to have dinner in a private Puglian home (with or without the cooking class), which is a great way to meet people on the road.

Other than sampling the amazing home-cooked food, you’ll want to visit the region’s stunning beaches, interesting towns (including the UNESCO protected Alberobello), and dive into its intriguing history.

Overall, Puglia is a very affordable place to visit too, with accommodation, food & drink being particularly cheap compared to Italian cities. One area you won’t want to scrimp though is on car rental insurance! Sadly, petty crime (such as stealing external car parts) is high and incidents happen somewhat regularly. You can forgo the car rental altogether and travel by public transport, but you’ll have more trouble getting to the smaller towns and villages. Apart from theft, Puglia’s crime rate remains low, so solo travellers should remain vigilant, but it certainly shouldn’t be a deterrent.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Puglia

Porto, Portugal

Porto is a great solo travel destination in Portugal. The city is compact and easy to get around on your own, there are lots of organised day trips to places like the Duoro Valley and nearby beaches, and you can find accommodation in hostels or Airbnb for solo travellers. 

One of the most popular things to do in Porto is port wine tasting, which might not sound like something you want to do solo, but you can easily join the tours at the Port Wine Cellars instead of just going on your own so that you can share the experience with other visitors. 

Best Places to Travel Solo - Porto Portugal


By Trijit from Budget Travel Buff

Did you know that Switzerland can actually be an amazing place to travel alone or by yourself? It’s not just a country for romance (though you may find it here). In fact, it may actually be better to opt for a budget solo trip to Switzerland and choose cheaper accommodation and eating options than you might as a couple. 

This beautiful European country has a low crime rate that makes a safe country and one of the best places to travel solo. The Swiss people are very friendly and always ready to extend their hands towards foreign travellers. Solo travellers can explore the country on foot as most of the popular tourist spots in Switzerland are car-free places.

Switzerland might be a small country geographically but it has a lot to offer its visitors. The cheapest option for exploring Zurich is renting a free bicycle by depositing 10 CHF as security and exploring the city and Zurich lake.

Lucerne is also a walkable city and you can visit Lake Lucerne, Chapel Bridge, The Lion Monument and the historic Old Town in one day.

Switzerland offers some of the most scenic treks that a solo traveller shouldn’t miss. You can either take the cable car or follow the scenic trail towards Murren and Grindelwald. Enjoy the peace and take some photos of these picturesque Swiss villages.

Being an expensive country, it’s hard to find cheap accommodation in Switzerland. If you travel solo I will highly recommend booking a hostel in advance. Hostels in Switzerland are comparatively cheaper than hotels, guest houses or apartments. Check out these hostels for your next solo trip in Switzerland. Try Youth Hostel Zurich, Youth Hostel Luzern or Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof in Interlaken. 

Best Places to Travel Solo - Switzerland

Goa, India

By Soujanya from The Spicy Journey

Goa – a tiny state located on the western coast of India is the most popular beach destination in the country. Every year, millions of domestic as well as international tourists visit Goa to explore the many beaches, events, music festivals, trance festivals, flea markets, cafes and yoga centres.

Goa is particularly famous among solo travellers because there are numerous beaches ranging from hippie beaches, beaches with lagoons, water sports, secluded beaches, cliffside beaches and beaches with colourful beach huts to stay in. Apart from that, the many hostels that are priced at approximately 10 USD a night with amenities like pools, daily yoga classes etc make it easy to meet fellow solo travellers and engage in fun activities throughout the day. Other than the beaches, Goa also has an abundance of waterfalls (which are active during the rainy season), forts, islands, temples and iconic churches.

So how long should a solo traveller stay in Goa? Since there’s no shortage of things to do in Goa, there are tourists who fall in so love with Goa that they end up staying for months. However, 5-10 days is a good amount of time to explore all of Goa. In case one is short on time, there are even places to visit in Goa in 3 days – 1 day each for North Goa, South Goa and the capital Panjim city.

October to March is the best time to visit Goa. Most events and music festivals take place in these months, which is the dry season. Goa also has a carnival which is held at the end of February. The weather starts to get hot and humid from April to May and then Goa experiences monsoon from June to September. All in all, any solo traveller visiting India must make a stopover at Goa to see a relaxed and fun side of the country.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Goa


By Penny from GlobeTrove

Singapore is an amazing place to travel to for couples and singles alike. If you have been to Singapore, you will know that the country is particularly famous for two things: Its cleanliness and its safety. This becomes increasingly apparent as soon as you start walking around the city. Since the city is safe, it makes the perfect place for solo travel.

The country has a lot to see and explore. Some people love to head to one of the numerous rooftop bars and swimming pools. The views that they have of the Singapore skyline definitely makes this a good choice. I, however, loved walking around the city. Chinatown was my favourite stamping ground. There were so many interesting places to see. From the temples to the shopping areas and street food, I simply could spend hours in the area. At the end of the day, watching the dancing lights at the Gardens by the Bay was a great way to spend the day.

Singapore has a surprising amount of green spaces to explore too. From the vertical gardens to the parks that are distributed across the city, it was one of the few places that was a city and not a city in the same breath. Singapore is a refreshing change from most of the cities I have visited across the world and one that I highly recommend.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Singapore


By Talek from Travels with Talek

Cuba is an ideal location for solo travel for many reasons. It is one of the safest countries in the world, it has an inexpensive local transportation infrastructure, it has friendly, helpful people and it has a ton of spectacular things to see.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and home to 263 protected areas and six UNESCO biospheres. For the nature lover, Cuba is paradise.

The capital city of Havana is gloriously walkable with its winding, cobblestone streets and colonial and art deco architecture. The city is also famous for its striking malecon or seawall, music, world-class museums and lively nightlife.

It is easy – and cheap – to get from one city to another via shared taxis or the local bus service, Viazul, that covers the entire island. To go from Havana in the west of the island all the way over to Santiago de Cuba – about 560 miles – is only 54 CUC (one CUC = about one US$).

No matter what city you visit in Cuba; colonial Trinidad, lush green Vinales, elegant Cienfuegos or vibrant Santiago, all these are walkable, safe and interesting.

Perhaps the most compelling reason why Cuba is a great destination for solo travellers is that you can stay in a “casa particular” or private Cuban guest house. Here you share a home with a local Cuban family and share an authentic experience. Your casa hostess (usually a woman) can hook you up with transportation, recommend restaurants, make you a meal and generally function as a concierge while you are there, making your trip that much more convenient.

Cuba is the perfect location for solo travellers.

Best Places to Travel Solo - Cuba

London, England

Travelling solo in London is fun and easy. You can take the tube to most of the popular things to see and do, and stay in accommodation like a hostel if you’re on a budget and you want to meet fellow travellers. There are lots of markets to browse, and many of them have food stalls, as well as places like Brick Lane, so you can grab something tasty to eat without having to go to a pub or restaurant alone if you don’t want to. 

Visiting London on your own means you can do whatever it is that you want without having to worry about anyone elses interests. There are so many great neighbourhoods to wander through and explore, including Notting Hill and Chelsea, as well as lots of different museums to visit. 

Best Places to Travel Solo - London England

Hong Kong

By Elizabeth from Peanuts or Pretzels

Even after years of travelling, my absolute favourite solo trip that I ever took was to Hong Kong. At first, I thought it was just because it was my first trip to Asia, but after living in Asia and nearby China for quite some time, I realized that it was actually Hong Kong that I loved so much. In fact, I’ve travelled to Hong Kong at least 10 times by myself over the years, and I never tire of it!

Hong Kong is a beautiful destination for travellers. But for solo travellers, I find it to be an amazing place because of the sheer variety of things to do in such in proximity to each other, and all connected with convenient transportation. You can be in the heart of the Central district among all the buzz of commuters, then hop on a boat right there and then less than 30 minutes after an enjoyable boat ride be in a quiet pedestrian village on a charming little island.

In Hong Kong, you can experience a bustling city, visit museums, soak up a historic culture, enjoy food from everywhere in the world, and shop until you drop. But then within a matter of minutes, you can be alone on a hiking trail in the countryside riding a bike through a quiet village, or laying on a remote beach with no one around! And the great thing is that you can choose to go all out with no expense spared, or you can totally do it for cheap because there are tons of free things to do.

Not only that, but the city is quite safe for visitors, even for solo female travellers to Hong Kong. Everything is well connected so it’s super easy to get around, and signage is in English. Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet other solo travellers in Hong Kong, but honestly, I have always enjoyed exploring this amazing place on my own!

Best Places to Travel Solo - Hong Kong

So there you have it, 35 places that we all think are awesome places to visit alone. Of course, there are so many other amazing places around the world that you can travel solo. The most important things when planning to travel solo are to be able to get around easily on your own, stay somewhere social if you want to meet people, be able to see and do things on your own, and to feel safe. 

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